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When Summer Turns to Fall

When Summer Turns to Fall


~ John Fry

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Product Notes

Thankyou for taking interest in my latest recording efforts, When Summer Turns to Fall. From recent response, I have received a great deal of positive feed back. What runs common throughout this feed back is the listener's appreciation for the variety of styles which showcase the beauty of each song. When Summer Turns to Fall is the result of a two year period of time which I dedicated to ceating my own songs as well as arranging songs I found meaningful. The recoring and creating process of this work proved to be a most rewarding experience; resulting in a finished project I am happy to share with all. In chosing the material, I made a selection from the various musical styles which have attributed to my musical growth. As you might have heard on the audio samples, the project ranges in style from Smooth Jazz to recognized folk songs, to standard Jazz Ballads. I also included a few well known melodies from the Americas. The mix of these various styles works well, for they all possess a high degree of musical intregrity. In the end, the album opens the doors to almost any listening environment. In the making of When Summer Turns to Fall, I aimed to make the end result as if the listener were enjoying a personal 'living room' concert. With this in mind, all the recording of the acustic instruments was recorded using open microphones. In doing so the clarity and subtleness of each instrument comes forth; creating a more intimate sense of the captured musical conversation. Over half of the songs on this project are original. For the most part they were created during the recording process. I included two original singer/songwriter style songs which I felt worthy of sharing. They were both written on travels in South America and Europe. Their documentation keep alive many fond memories. The instrumentation of this work includes classical and steel stringed guitars, mandolin, melodica, trumpet, bass, and piano. There is a certain beauty to all of these instruments. I have been attracted to each one of them for their sense of humbleness. Many heartfelt and sincere efforts have gone into this project. It's making stems from the sense of gratitude I feel toward the many musicians, poets, and performers of whom I have followed over the years. The sharing by so many previous artists has indeed inspired me. The end result, being this album. It is one true to my heart; one which I hope you find meaningful. Please enjoy. Sincerely, John.

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Artist: John Fry
Title: When Summer Turns to Fall
Genre: Jazz
Release Date: 12/9/2003
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5637346534
UPC: 783707826028
Item #: CDBY782602
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