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After a decade or so of banging around Seattle in various musical guises-most notably the band Juke, though you may also have seen him playing in such noteworthy projects as The Long Winters, Crooked Fingers, and blues mainstays The Jellyrollers-Darren Loucas has decided to call his solo project by it's proper name (Darren Loucas) and embark on what Darren Loucas feels will be a very fruitful and rewarding adventure for Darren Loucas. At heart, Loucas' songs are deeply rooted in hardcore, old school, honest-to-Guthrie folk music, but their folk identity is tempered heavily by their author's ginger falsetto vocals, and his profound guitar work. Because he is not the author of this bio, it's not immodest to claim that Darren Loucas is one of Seattle's most accomplished players-you can ask just about anyone. For several years, he's made a living playing Seattle's blues circuit. He even won a contest. His notorious skills are a big part of why Juke's self-released CD received heavy airplay on KEXP, and reasonable acclaim in the local press. But let's be honest: The name Juke probably doesn't mean very much to you, and frankly, it doesn't mean that much to Darren Loucas anymore, either. By embracing the solo nature of his music-both it's sound and it's subject matter-and taking the leap that all musicians eventually must, Loucas has essentially invented himself anew. The plan is to play solo shows in advance of his upcoming recording and build from there. And if audience response to Darren's newly unveiled songs are any indication, Darren's next and first record will be the one we've been waiting for... especially Darren Loucas. -- Reviews -- 'Darren (Loucas) is a Seattleite. I played bass in his band, Juke, for about six months a few years ago. Darren also plays in a blues band, the Jelly Rollers, and solo around town. He is a super duper blues fingerpicker and probably the most inventive, daring and exciting electric guitarist I have heard live in the last ten years. Juke has a very good record out and I suspect you can find it on line or at indie record stores upon request. I freak out when Darren takes a solo -- I'm usually left with my jaw on the floor. I don't understand why he's not a superstar.' -Dave Dederer, Presidents of the United States of America 'Juke's 2000 self-titled debut is one of the more moving to come out of the Northwest in recent years. Loucas writes songs that combine blues and rock elements to fit his unique vision...they could be the one to watch in the second half of '01.' -Richard Martin, Seattle Weekly and CMJ '..the yearning urgency of Big Star...the incindiery guitar of Page and Hendrix...catch them live!' -James Kirchmer, The Stranger 'It is their ability, I believe, to create something so new and yet so familiar, to both recreate and reanimate the timeless spirit of rock music, that makes Juke such a unique and powerful band. -Rick Levin.

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Artist: Juke
Title: Juke
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 10/9/2001
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5637351672
UPC: 766433693126
Item #: SRD369312
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