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Scenes from a Life on Fire

Scenes from a Life on Fire


~ Juliet Annerino

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Product Notes

Chanteuse, composer, poet, existentialist née nihilist, political activist, rebel-rouser, Royal Popess. Yes, Juliet Annerino is all of these. I can assure you of this, not just as a journalist, but as one fortunate enough to be included in her inner circle of confidantes. Of course the mainstream media has not always been kind to Juliet, with stories of international intrigue and rumors of her mysterious past. The notorious pin-up calendar of 2008, the controversial cabaret show, "The Lord's Lover", her name spattered across the front page of the L .A. Times, U.S. News & World Report, her voice broadcast across the airwaves of India...the conference in Cairo, the Amsterdam Incident, the Paris Faux Pas, the Flight from India, the Tijuana Debacle. Yes, these all did occur. Whispers of her alliances with the Chicago Underground (suburbs), the infamous "Manhattan Monologue Slam", and of course, the Ron Paul Revolution can all be confirmed today, with the touch of a fingertip via the "world wide web". Unlike her timid pop culture contemporaries, Juliet flaunts her associations with such notorious figures as record producer/sheepophile, "John X" (Mick Jagger, David Bowie, the Cure), guitarist/record producer, "Glen Laughlin" (The Dickies, Cherry Bluestorms) and accordionist/performance artist, "Tammy Tomahawk" (Cinderella Motel, PomPom!). Miss Annerino has no concern, but only love and dedication for the company she keeps and the eccentrics with whom she creates. Comparisons have been made. Josephine Baker, Sarah Vaughan, Edith Piaf, Joan of Arc. Yet ultimately, Juliet is like no other artist or religious figure of our time. Her music is her story. With every melody is the unfolding of a life lived fearlessly, if a bit recklessly. With every lyrical phrase, a glimpse of a personal philosophy, uncompromised, realized. So go ahead, kick off your shoes. Abandon all preconceived ideas. Prepare to enter the enigmatic, iconoclastic, adventurous world of Juliet. Let "Scenes From a Life on Fire" spin and enfold you. Let your hips softly sway, your mind gently open and your heart swiftly soar, to a far-away place of passion and delight. If you dare. ~ Gette Black International Exotica Review 2009.

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Artist: Juliet Annerino
Title: Scenes from a Life on Fire
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 9/15/2009
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5637208017
UPC: 884501141741
Item #: SRD114174


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