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Dirty Money

Dirty Money


~ Karin Blaine

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'People want emotional connection and I love to hook 'em up.' Karin Blaine is a native of Seattle, Washington and grew up studying classical music as a child. Always enamored of the simple combination of voice and guitar used on the recordings of her favorite blues and folk artists she learned to sing and accompany herself on guitar. She started writing songs in the early eighties and won immediate acclaim in the Northwest area with the inclusion of two of her songs on the successful KEZX Album Project Albums released in the mid-80's. Her songs, I Wasn't Lookin' and Santa Rosa, were favorites with listeners. 'Today - everything in music is BIG - the production, arrangements, effects and performance venues. I have always liked the small, intimate style of music and performance - you know - personal. That is why I am so devoted to my voice/guitar combo. I know I can get a lot out of a little. Audiences respond to my scale of music. Upon release of her first recording, Karin Blaine, Karin received a nomination for 'Best New Folk Artist' in 1990 by the Northwest Area Musicians Association. She was selected as a songwriting finalist in the nationally acclaimed Kerrville Songwriting Contest that same year. She spent several years on the east coast performing in Boston, New York City, Philadelphia and D.C. before returning to her native Seattle and in 2003 releasing her CD, Dirty Money, on her indie-label, dudessdahlia records. "I improvise my vocal treatments of songs and never 'get set in my ways' with a song. Especially in the heat of a live performance - inspiration can strike and I have to try something new.' Karin is currently working on her next CD of jazz-pop originals and covers to be released in the fall of 2007. She lives in Seattle with her husband, two dogs and two cats. Respected as a fine live performer Blaine appears in concerts and clubs throughout the country.

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Artist: Karin Blaine
Title: Dirty Money
Genre: Folk
Release Date: 7/1/2003
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5637226558
UPC: 783707731728
Item #: CDBY773172
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