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Blue Moon

Blue Moon


~ Karrigan Rose

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Product Notes

Karrigan Rose is singer/songwriter Michael Merritt and his daughter, 16 year old phenom Lydiah Merritt. Their style can best be described as Lyrical Rock. Michael Merritt is a chart-topping songwriter and former Christian recording artist who has found new creative energy by crossing over into contemporary rock. His song 'Exalt the One' was recorded by Sierra and hit #1 on the Christian charts. He worked for five years as a songwriter for EMI before moving from Nashville to Knoxville. He is a top guitarist whose live performances always seem to bring fans to their feet. He is also a dynamic and expressive singer with a voice that is capable of an aching fragility. The Blue Moon album is the result of a year-long hiatus that Michael took to concentrate on songwriting and performing. Michael believes it is his best work to date - and his Nashville music peers and many East Tennessee fans all seem to agree. Lydiah Merritt learned the bass guitar at 10 years old and almost overnight was performing at Churches and local events. At 16, she possesses a mastery of the bass usually seen only in much older musicians. She is constantly pushing the envelope: in the song 'Ocean All About' she uses a sliding chime on her bass strings to create a unique sound that seems like, a digital frog making demonic ribbit noises - or..uh.. something. Lydiah also has a beautiful voice with an airy quality that almost sounds ethereal. Her first songwriting effort (together with her Dad) is 'Somewhere In Between,' a haunting song at the end of the Blue Moon album. Karrigan Rose gets a ton of help from it's friends - both in real life and on the Blue Moon CD. Brett Vargason and Tom Michael are former members of the group called Sonic Flood and currently are 2/3 of Zodlounge Studios in Franklin, Tennessee. Brett is a stunningly gifted drummer who appears on nine Blue Moon tracks and who sometimes tours with Karrigan Rose -when he isn't rolling around on the ground wrestling with Tim McGraw. Tom Michael is a fezzy moo bass player, who also hits the keyboards, plays the electric cello and watches squiggly lines on the video screen above his soundboard. Seriously, Tom is a great musician and sound engineer. When you enter John Jaszcz's studio, you can't help but notice the three Grammy Awards that Jaszcz (pronounced 'Yosh') won in 2005 for his artistry in sound engineering. Yosh is one of those elite artists who is always in high demand by major performers, but he graciously made time to do some of his voodoo on two Karrigan Rose cuts - 'Faaall' and 'Paragraphs.' Man, they sound great. Dwayne Larring is an L.A-area based guitarist and music producer who has worked with artists such as Kelly Clarkson, amongst others. Dwayne made major contributions to the new KR CD: listen for his guitar and sound mixing on the songs 'Blue Moon,' 'Run,' 'Where Are You?,' and 'Borderline.' Gordon Michaels is making his debut as a lyricist on the Blue Moon CD. But Gordon is no one-sing fluke; seven songs on Blue Moon are by the song-writing team of Merritt and Michaels. Michael Merritt says 'Recently Gordon sent me some lyrics for a song he called 'Show Me the Magic' and I couldn't find a word to change, they were perfect. It took me,like, just a few minutes to write the music to those lyrics. What an amazing song!' So what happens when you stir all these moody, creative people together? Well, you get some honking good music. Karrigan Rose music is not an acquired taste - you listen to it for a short time and you get it. You're moving, you're dancing, you're liking it. It's music that drives you through the night. It has moments of emotional power and poetry. It has a beat, but also a great musical hook. Mon,it be good. Welcome to Karrigan Rose.

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Artist: Karrigan Rose
Title: Blue Moon
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 2/12/2008
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5637355046
UPC: 634479573743
Item #: CDBY957374
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