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Spread the Music, Not the Name

Spread the Music, Not the Name


~ Katerina Polemis

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Katerina Polemi is a natural talent with music in her soul, a guitar in her hands, and rhythm in her feet. She is a vo- calist, songwriter, guitarist, and pianist. But most of all, she is an artist, with an extraordinary love of performance, and creating music that inspires the soul. A recent graduate from the prestigious Berklee College of Music, Katerina was born in London, UK and raised between Greece and Brazil. She began her musical journey at the young age of four years old, and has been performing ever since. Bossa nova has been in her blood since she was a child, as well as the intricate melodies and harmonies of jazz and Greek music. Inspired by countless masters, from Antonio Carlos Jobim, Maria Bethania, Marisa Monte to Thelonious Monk, Rachel Ferrell and Ella Fitzerald, Katerina draws on her unique ethnic background to give voice to stunning and insightful inter- pretations of Brazilian, Greek, jazz and world music. Her performances and compositions search for the essence of each song, in order to bring it to life. She is always focused on the poetry or story being told, and zeroes in not on the general -- but on the nuance -- of every note that she sings. Katerina has a voice that is described as "spontaneous, smoky and distinctive." This young, talented singer and songwriter personifies ar- tistic and musical freedom. Because of her own Greek Brazilian background she has been able to draw from two rich cultures each with historic and complex musical traditions. Her first solo album released in 2011, is comprised of original works in the theatrical Gypsy Jazz musical style. It's called, Spread The Music, Not The Name. Her philosophy as an artist is focused on what's real. As she says, "real music, and real anything comes from nothingness that becomes something. This happens when you approach it from the purest and most sincere place inside your being. That's how I seek to approach it: Love-Study-Feel and Go!" "With a heart big as a mountain and a voice to match, Katerina takes us into her worldly music where her personal style and memories meet the big vision of the planet." ~Rhiannon (Bobby McFerrin, Voicestra) "This singer is doing a wonderful thing with her personality and her love for music! Yes, of course, she can sing... but Katerina brings more than a great vocal talent! She brings the joy and excitement of the rhythm and music that courses through her veins! She's my hero! Love you, Girl!" ~Donna McElroy "Katerina is someone who is destined to be a success. She owns a beautful voice, and an original ability to interpret music. Some people are musicians, and some are artists. Katerina is both. When she sings, plays the piano or guitar, she becomes one with the in- strument, and her personality comes through her music." ~Jetro Da Silva (Whitney Houston's Pianist)

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Artist: Katerina Polemis
Title: Spread the Music, Not the Name
Genre: Jazz
Release Date: 4/21/2011
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 50151553
UPC: 884501515535
Item #: 152267X
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