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Heavenly Hymns Not Forgotten

Heavenly Hymns Not Forgotten


~ Kathryn Carpenter

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Product Notes

Mission: The twofold purpose of Heavenly Hymns Not Forgotten is to accomplish this: to share Jesus and the great news of the gospel through the hymns! Christ Jesus is the focus! And secondly, to give a new, fresh perspective on the hymns, including new arrangements and an overall innovative approach. We hope that you will enjoy this original approach to the hymns. Biography: Kathryn grew up in a home filled with love and well, the love of music. Early on, as her friends put their dolls to bed, she pulled the covers over her family of stuffed monkeys to the sounds of music making it's way up the stairs, through the hall and into her room. She woke early on Saturdays to the twang of a pedal steel guitar and the tinny melodies of the tenor sax. It was around that time she and her brother started taking piano lessons. And so healthy competition ensued! A couple of short years later their family (the Garri George family band) was performing concerts in churches eventually playing in up to sixty different churches a year. The concerts consisted of six horns (in harmony), harmonicas, the steel guitar, regular guitar, banjos, piano, drums, and the bass. A portion of the basement was turned into a music room. In the early days of high school, she took operatic lessons from Greta Domenic, a professor at Anderson University. She went on to get a music business degree from Anderson University while continuing the study of vocal and piano performance. (Anderson University was also where she lost the prized piano competition to her younger brother!) She went on to the master's program at Ball State University, where she studied jazz with Frank Puzzullo and played in the Ball State Jazz Band. Now that school is complete, she has finished her first CD, "Heavenly Hymns Not Forgotten," which combines jazz and classical elements in her own interesting arrangements. In addition, her father just completed his first CD of his own songs, "Through the Eyes of Faith." Our time on this earth is so short; we are just a midst that appears and then vanishes. Glory be to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, who works through all things for His glory and the good of those who love Him. Let us glorify Him through the sounds of music.

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    Title: Heavenly Hymns Not Forgotten
    Genre: Gospel
    Release Date: 2/14/2006
    Label: CD Baby
    Product Type: CD
    Catalog #: 5637356727
    UPC: 837101142588
    Item #: SRD114258
    This product is a special order