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1st Key R&B

1st Key R&B


~ Ken Nunoo

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Product Notes

The keys in my compositions are the melodies and not the entire song including the background and beats. The bass I am playing to accompany the key is not a part of the key, but the key is the melody which is being played by either a saxophone, piano, flute, etc. The 112th key tells an imaginative story of a little boy about 6 years old that comes home from school and having nothing to do seats under a mango tree to relax and play. It was a sunny day in a tropical area and he sat there bored, but had only a flute made of a bamboo stick in his pocket. He hears someone playing a guitar but cannot see the person playing since his view was blocked by the bush in front of him. The melody sounded very simple and pleasant to his ears, yet he knew he dare not look to see who is playing, but listens attentively to the melody of the guitar. He then takes out his flute from his pocket and plays what I call the 112th key. This story is imaginative of course you may create your own story for each key. The meolody of the 1st key is my first musical composition. I wrote this melody in May, 2002 however the thought of writing the compositions occured in April 2002 around the week of Easter. Note that the Keys are sequetial order and the 1st key is therefore Symbolically the master of all the other keys. Note that the key is the melody not including the bass or beats I am playing in the background. In my compositions I am the one person playing the bass, guitar, piano, saxophone, flute and all the main instruments and all the keys were written by me and played by me. Note: This album can be downloaded at: Napster (,AppleItunes (,RuleRadio (,Emepe3 (,Sony Connect (,Catchmusic (,MusicMatch (,Viztas (,Rhapsody (,MusicNet (,,,,,,,

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Artist: Ken Nunoo
Title: 1st Key R&B
Genre: Electronic
Release Date: 4/6/2004
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5637358429
UPC: 634479977022
Item #: SRD997702
This product is a special order