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Ancient Rider

Ancient Rider


~ Killers by Trade

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Product Notes

DON'T FORGET!!! All songs on this CD are available at iTunes, MusicNet and other download sites! Go there now and download your favorite tracks!! Keep Killin'!! Clint Killers by Trade - Ancient Rider The Texan one man force is now ready with the mini CD 'Ancient Rider' consisting of re-recordings of 2 of the demo tracks, 2 new tunes and a cover of REO Speedwagon's 'Ridin' The Storm Out', and when I am at that cover, I have to say it is pretty good. After I found a sample on the net, and got a little listen to the original, it is pretty impressive how Clint has turned the track into his own, without it losing it's identity, really good work. Musically Killers by Trade delivers dark horror infused rock with a raw punk edge, and metallic riffing and pounding drums. The drums are mostly a love/hate question on this release, the drumming is delivered by a machine, and at times it sounds very mechanical and cold and other times more natural. The outlining of the sound adds a lot to the atmosphere, the clinical and cold computerized sounds adds a nice cold and eerie atmosphere to the tracks and make them seem modern, as for an instance 'Ridin' The Storm Out'. The guitar on the album is good as well, catchy riffs that clings onto the listener and drives the music forward. A nice and crunchy very crisp guitar tone is used most of the time and that is really fitting. The leads on here are great too, eerie and wicked most of the time. The bluesy guitar play on 'Solstice', a track that has become my new Killers by Trade fave, is also very cool and adds a killer atmosphere to that track. The compositions are good and catchy and one of the new tracks 'Tears Of Broken Glass' are plain out scary and disturbing, very dark and churns through a sonic dusk of misery and pain. The material on the release seems very emotional and fuelled by pain and hatred, it seems like Clint is pouring himself out into the music, and that makes the final output very credible. The production of the miniCD is great as well, the guitar comes clean cut through, while still being raw and noisy as hell. The programmed drums are placed nice into the mix, the snare is a menace when it needs to, and more calm at other times and the kick drums are beating with a nice firm kick. The manipulating of the sound channels are also a nice feature, and adds a nice touch of technicality, and are best enjoyed with headphones. This release is a potential breakthrough of Killers by Trade, the music on here is very driven and it catches fairly quickly on. The metallic hard rock with the punky straight ahead attitude and raw and crunchy guitar tone, should speak to a lot and go straight into the heart of even more. If there had been a label behind this release, with the means of promoting the hell out of it, it would have become an instant big hit, I'm not a second in doubt of that. Clint Love has hit the right nerve with this music, and now when it has been recorded really powerful and hard hitting, it should kick some doors in. Though he has released 'Ancient Rider' by himself, so I guess that will limit the amount of copies sold and spread, though beware, this will easily go and became a 'cult' release and band, all the means for it are present. -Anders: Nocturnal Horde Webzine.

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Artist: Killers by Trade
Title: Ancient Rider
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 10/11/2005
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5637360573
UPC: 634479172991
Item #: SRD917299
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