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~ Aaron Koppel

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Aaron Koppel - guitar; Matt Nelson - piano, Hammond B-3, Rhodes; Graham Czach - upright & electric bass; Robert Tucker - drums. Recorded 6/19 & 6/26/2011. Produced by Nick Eipers and Aaron Koppel. Engineered by Nick Eipers. REVIEWS: One of Downbeat Magazine's 'Best CDs of 2012' 4 Stars! ("Excellent") - Downbeat Magazine "There's always a twist when the forward-thinking guitarist Aaron Koppel is in the picture... This record is as notable for the involved accompaniment as it is for the creative, distortion-fueled guitar playing of Koppel... There's no standard structure here, with melodies leading easily to expanded solo sections... Many of the tunes have a rock sensibility but defy easy categorization. Multiverse has so many different ideas swirling around it that the band seems to change genres with each passing track. Sometimes Koppel even changes the feel, abruptly, two or three times in a single song, as on the wonderfully disorienting "Multiverse". The band has been together since 2004 and knows how and where to take chances. Through time shifts, mood changes and wide-branching tunes, the musicians stick closely together... each member of the quartet is an integral part of the finished product." - Jon Ross, Downbeat Magazine "Koppel harnesses the energy and attributes of rock, blues, funk, jam band joie de vivre and jazz in it's many forms, and filters it all back out through his eyes on Multiverse. He's but one of many with a panoramic eye on the jazz world, but he's one of few that can alter his overarching instrumental sound esthetic to suit these different stylistic endeavors... While Koppel is rightfully seen as the star of his own show, his band deserves a lot of credit for giving the music a boost by injecting it's own individual personalities into the mix. Pianist Matt Nelson proves to be the MVP of the bunch, providing whatever is needed on piano, Hammond B3 organ or Rhodes electric piano... Bassist Graham Czach proves to be a wonderful musical go-between, capable of shifting in synch with melodic moving parts or lurking down below with drummer Robert Tucker, who uses shift-on-a-dime tactics to help the whole band make some sharp turns with ease... Multiverse delivers the musical mélange promised by the album title, but it even goes a step further than that; it delivers it with style, verve, tact and an eye on jazz as an expansive, all-inclusive force of nature." - Dan Bilawsky, "This is a disc where the finest moments have a ton of teeth and personality... good grooves, good melodies... great performances." - Paul Abella, Chicago Jazz Magazine BIO: Aaron Koppel Quartet's debut album "The Wild Call of the Multi-Tasker" (self-released 2007) received heavy attention in Chicago and airplay. With the addition of Geof Bradfield (tenor), Greg Ward (alto) and Johanna Mahmud (trombone) the Aaron Koppel Quartet received two nominations for the Toronto Exclusive Magazine Awards, Best International Jazz Group and Best International Jazz Song with Koppel's arrangement of Radiohead's "Myxomatosis (Judge, Jury, Executioner)." Their follow up, "Falling Together Falling Apart" (2009), was their debut on the Chicago Sessions label. It received critical praise; #7 on Neil Tesser's "Top Ten Chicago Jazz Discs of 2009", 3 1/2 Stars from Downbeat Magazine, #12 on's "Best Chicago CDs of 2009", "Recommended" by Cadence Magazine. 'Multiverse' is their much anticipated 2012 release.

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Artist: Aaron Koppel
Title: Multiverse
Genre: Jazz
Release Date: 1/3/2012
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 26134324
UPC: 700261343242
Item #: 706X


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