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~ La Sonya Gunter

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Product Notes

This album is very deep and personal.It's strength lies in the fact that it is written about personal experiences, it's effect, the despair and the hope, the highs and the lows. So in an underlying way it is conceptual. This album is La Sonya, she follows no other path other than her own, she doesn't follow any trend or style - it would be so easy to do that, it is not Urban, or Neo Soul, or whatever, it is La Sonya. For that reason she must command respect for laying this down. I'm sure some people will look for the 'dancefloor' track, the 'neo' track, the 'hiphop' track, but that's not the way this album works - it is La Sonya laying her Soul bare. Crazy yes Beautiful yes. GO- has a Spanish acoustic feel, fast paced with lilting sax, with strong passionate heartfelt vocals, setting the scene. SITTIN\' HERE- is funkier, pondering on the actions taken in the relationship. The art of writing whether it is in fiction, in song or even in comedy, is the ability to give the reader or the listener a picture, an image, a feeling, an empathy, SWEET SURRENDER- ft. Chester Gregory describes perfectly the depths of, the subconscious or unconscious things that one submits to in a relationship. Musically EVERYTHING BUT YOU,- a drivng rock orientated song adds another nuance and continues the storyline. R U Ready ft. Hanifah Watilda musically changes genres to an Urban funky sound as we move into the phase where it's not all about him, it's about me to, culminating in ODE 2 THE PLAYA- telling it like it is. CRAZYBEAUTIFUL- starts of in a Georgio Moroder stylee but actually evolves into a spoken word. TEARS- is interesting in that it is intense and sorrowful, yet the track is light and uplifting. MMM-HMM- is an upbeat track, possibly the most instant and the one that sticks in your head as you hum along to it. DOUBT OF LOVE- summarises the confusion of it all. SOMETIMES- contains lots of influences, as does the whole album really, electro, hip hop, string samples, lots going on. HERE IN NYC- raises the questions, what next, why am I here, do I need to be here, things have changed - La Sonya didn't we talk about this, just before I left last time I saw you! Ha! THIS IS HOW WE LIVIN- THE REMIX concludes with a funky remix of a track from the BLAKGERL album which is astonishingly 8 years old. I know the effort and the sacrifices that have been made in getting this album completed and on to the streets. It is well produced and well structured and stands together as a great piece. La Sonya has opened up and created a work to be proud of, which will appeal on that level. What I have described as being a great strength - the concept and the individuality. It deserves to be heard. Mike Ashley Life and Soul Promotions UK.

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Artist: La Sonya Gunter
Title: Crazybeautiful
Genre: Soul/R & B
Release Date: 9/2/2008
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5637368540
UPC: 884501020336
Item #: CDBY102033
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