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Last Good Kiss

Last Good Kiss


~ Last Train Home

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Product Notes

Decisively stepping out from under the alt-country/Americana umbrella with Last Good Kiss, Last Train Home asserts itself as a powerful rock band. The songs on this release put frontman Eric Brace's songwriting in another league since his move to Nashville in 2003. After 10 years of making music, this formidable roots rock band has made the best album of it's career, with solos by Steve Wedemeyer (guitars) and Jen Gunderman (keyboards, accordian) and rhythms by Jim Gray (bass) and Martin Lynds (drums, percussion). Here's what the Washington Post has to say about it: 'Last Train Home is based in Nashville these days, but the band travels so much it might seem that frontman Eric Brace would be hard-pressed to keep coming up with first-rate songs between tour stops. Apparently, that's not a problem. If anything, 'Last Good Kiss' suggests that as far as the quality of Brace's songwriting is concerned, the more road work the better. Consider the album's opening and title track. A rushing, Last Train express out of Nashville, the song swiftly reveals Brace's knack for conveying hair-trigger emotions with just a few choice words. It's also a stirring showcase for the band's new lineup, featuring guitarist Steve Wedemeyer and keyboardist Jen Gunderman, formerly of the Jayhawks.... In addition to well-crafted songs, Brace's increasingly soulful vocals and guitarist Wedemeyer's twang-town thrust, the album features evocative touches of accordion, trumpet, banjo, percussion and vocal harmonies...There's no shortage of mood-enhancing accents from start to finish.' And from Audiophile Audition's 5-star review: 'If there's a consistency to the songs on this album, it's that they're all consistently excellent. Brace delivers the vocals with sincerity and authenticity that is nearly devastating-every note and phrase rings of heart-felt and life-lived truth. And if there is a better vocalist working the scene at this time, I really don't know who it could be. His voice is colored in turns by passion, weariness, elation, and angst. Eric Brace is the real deal. "Last Good Kiss" is a significant step forward in the evolution of a great band, and could very well be the best album of their career. This gets my highest recommendation.' Check it out!

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Artist: Last Train Home
Title: Last Good Kiss
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 2/20/2007
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5637368699
UPC: 700261210407
Item #: SRD121040
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