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For Such a Time As This

For Such a Time As This


~ Laurie Roberts

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Product Notes

For Such a Time as This marks the recording debut for Laurie Roberts, Christian singer/songwriter responsible for all of the music and lyrics on this project. This eclectic collection includes contemporary praise and worship choruses suitable for the modern worship service, as well as full length songs ranging from R & B to Southern gospel. Below is her story. My name is Laurie Roberts, and I was born in Kellogg, a small mining town in northern Idaho. I have lived in Idaho my entire life, splitting my 42 years almost evenly between Kellogg and the southern Idaho city of Meridian. I am a preacher's kid (and grandkid...and great grandkid), the second youngest of five children, and the only girl. After graduating from the University of Idaho in 1986, I began to teach English and coach volleyball and golf at Kellogg High School, where I remained for fifteen years. In 2002 God began to nudge me to move back to my "other home"''Meridian, where my father had become the senior pastor at Meridian Gospel Tabernacle. What a blessing my Christian heritage is. I am blessed to have Christian parents, grandparents, brothers, cousins, friends.... My own Christianity is something I have always been conscious of. I don't know if it's theologically defensible, but I have always sensed that I have known God from birth. I don't remember a time when I did not feel like I had a relationship with God, and when I did not know that Jesus is my Redeemer. And even during the biggest challenges of my life, I have had complete confidence that I was resting in the palm of God's hand. I have been singing for as long as I can remember. My mother began to sing and harmonize with me when I was five or six years old. She would teach me a song, and then she would harmonize with me''urging me to stay with the melody line. Eventually she would tell me to sing her part (the harmony line) while she sang the melody. I loved to harmonize, and I did it every chance I got. Some time between second grade and junior high I became much more shy and self-conscious about singing in public. I still loved to sing and harmonize in the congregation at church, but I did not want to have anything to do with performing for people. I certainly had no vision of myself as a piano player or song writer) until my late twenties. For a long time, my wonderful brothers''Kent, Kevin, Paul, and David''were the singers in my family. They have all been involved in leading worship at our churches in Kellogg and Meridian, and eventually, I began to help with worship as well. For some time I was content to rather quietly support the worship leader, but eventually I found myself singing out more, improvising more, singing songs in the spirit, and even writing a few songs. In 1995 I began to play the piano in our worship services at Christian Life Center in Kellogg, and as I gradually became more adept, I found a new freedom and excitement in worship. The final element fell into place in 2001. Until then I had written a handful of songs, but I did not feel particularly skillful at it, nor did I have a strong desire to write. Then things began to change. I began to feel that as I went through my day, songs were constantly going through my head''new songs''my songs. I would sometimes call my answering machine at home to sing a melody or a snippet of a song into it, so I wouldn't forget. Tentatively at first, I began to share my songs with our congregation in Kellogg and then in Meridian, after my move in 2003. People seemed to be moved to worship by my songs (what an overwhelming experience for a songwriter), and I had a growing desire to sing them for whomever would listen. In the fall of 2003, I was looking for a way to share my songs with a larger audience, and Pastor Jeff Ecklund of Mountain Life Church in McCall, Idaho, suggested that I consider making a CD. With his offer to produce, I set about the process of choosing songs and scheduling studio time. January 2006 finds me teaching English at Timberline High School in Boise and living in Meridian. I am excited and hopeful about the path my life is taking. I am trusting that God will be with me through the challenges and obstacles still to come, and that he has some wonderful surprises in store for me.

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Artist: Laurie Roberts
Title: For Such a Time As This
Genre: Gospel
Release Date: 12/27/2005
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5637369488
UPC: 837101110532
Item #: SRD111053
This product is a special order