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Rarities 2

Rarities 2


~ Leper's Pen

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Product Notes

This is a true treasure of lost gems from the vaults of one of Wisconsin's finest artists. For more than ten years great music has come from artist known as Leper's Pen. Here you find the second in a series of releases that showcase songs recorded during past album sessions, in-between sessions, or songs from other special occasions or events. Be sure to check out the very catchy live performance favorites 'Life' and 'Casanova'. And as always, be sure to check out the website for the lates news updates about the world of music from Bill The Thrill!! More songs from the vault... 'LIFE': In the fall of 2000, I got together with some friends to put together a band to perform locally playing classic and modern rock songs. Plans were also made to put together a handful of songs and, at some point, release a CD of original material. Although the project turned out to be short-lived, this song as well as 'Casanova' were performed regularly and sung by my brother Jerry in our band LUCKY STIFF. This song is one of four songs I submitted to the band for consideration for the CD. When I wrote this song, I started with the idea that I wanted to write a song using as few words as possible, just for something different. It ended up being a song that took a positive look at living through divorce. It was the end of one thing, but truly the start of something else. I looked at it as a new beginning. 'CASANOVA': This is the other song performed by my former band LUCKY STIFF. This song is about the idea that all the playboy-type characters' days are numbered. Sooner or later that type of lifestyle catches up with the best of them. 'QUIETLY': I had the title 'As Love Goes Quietly Into The Night' written down for quite some time. This song was recorded during the Kaleidoscope sessions. It was left off that project because I already had too many slow songs, as often is the case when doing a CD. Sometimes love can leave you clueless. 'THE RULES': Every so often I set aside a day to escape and just sit and write songs. One day I went to a local park and wrote three songs. This was one of the three. As I sat there writing and looking over my notes and list of ideas, a young couple walked by, hand in hand. I thought about those carefree moments in the early days of a young relationship and then related that to how different it is as you grow older and take a few falls along the way. After pondering about that for a short while, this song came flowing out. It was recorded during the time I was in the studio putting together the No Turning Back 2-CD compilation. 'GHOSTS IN THE SHADOWS': This song was not included on the October's Colour CD from 1997. I think the lyrics have too many similarities to the track 'Too Many Skeletons'. Plus I had already recorded the song 'Jack-o'-lantern' and didn't want it to seem like a Halloween CD, versus an autumn-themed CD. 'I STILL HAVE MY DREAMS': This song was taken from the demo sessions before I went to record the Another Perfect Day CD. I wrote this song after having a few dreams in a short period of time about people I hadn't seen in quite some time. I remember waking up after each one of those dreams feeling as if I had just had a nice visit with each person. I thought it was quite interesting that dreams could put you in the company of friends and let you wake feeling comforted and refreshed about lost or long-forgotten friendships. 'UNDER THE TREE': This is another song from the demos for the October's Colour CD. This song shows a landscape with a special tree. The tree had stood for many years and had lived the lifespan of a certain boy and girl, from childhood to old age. The story sees the old man waiting to be reunited with his girl whose time had come before his. 'RUN': This is another story of young love written with a summertime feel and inspired musically by Melissa Etheridge. This also was recorded during the compiling of the No Turning Back CD. I had given thought to adding quite a few new tunes to that double CD, but later decided against it. 'STARTED WITH A TEAR': This song was written back in 1992 for the 8 Fathoms Deep project but didn't make the final cut when the song list was trimmed to eight. The original version of this song was in such poor shape that it had to be totally re-recorded, using the original as a blueprint. I tried to use the simple recording methods that I had used back then to be true to the spirit of those early sessions. 'IMPATIENT': This is the third of four songs I submitted for the LUCKY STIFF CD project that never came to be. This song is one that the band never performed live, but was waiting in the shadows. I often catch myself being impatient in regards to relationships. I'm finding myself having to step back and give things more time to smooth out. 'YOUR LOVE IS COOL': This song is strictly the demo version from the Another Perfect Day sessions. I remember writing this song shortly after meeting my girlfriend, Jill, along with the song 'Crush Me' which is featured on that same CD. I did add a new 'heavy-sounding' guitar to the track and to the guitar solo that was missing. I thought the sound was a bit too much on the metal-sounding side to make it to the final song list for that project. 'SWEET TEMPTATION': This song also is strictly the demo version, this time from the The Quiet Of Your Heart sessions. It is probably one of the roughest versions on this compilation with varying tempos. I left it as is in order to keep the original feeling intact. I didn't manage to get a final version of this song down and this demo was totally forgotten about until the recent house-cleaning that uncovered many of these lost treasures. 'DAYS OF AWE': This is the third song on this compilation that was written and recorded during the compiling of the No Turning Back CD. Rather than add new songs to that project, I opted to add two previously-recorded unreleased tracks in order to remain true to the CD title. I had the opening line written down for quite some time, as well as the entire chorus. One day I sat down and all the lyrics came together quite easily. 'THE HIGH WATER': As with Rarities Vol. 1, I decided to incorporate at least one new song to this CD. It is difficult for me to spend time in the studio compiling songs without getting the urge to move forward and record something new. This is one of the twenty-six songs that I wrote in the summer and fall of 2002. I'm sure that the other songs will be used to create the follow-up to Kaleidoscope. This song is about seeing troubled times coming and preparing yourself to face them. 'INVISIBLE': This is another song from the fifteen or so extras from the Kaleidoscope sessions. As you can tell by now, I never stop writing. This song is about those moments in a relationship when you feel invisible to your partner. I think we all have times when we feel unnoticed or unappreciated. This song was written and recorded the same day as 'Quietly', which appears earlier on this CD. For all your digital download needs, please visit Rhapsody, MusicNet, or I-Tunes. Overseas users please visit I-Tunes U.K. The CD includes printed lyrics, interior photos, as well as explanations of where the songs came from. Another treasure for the collector of the Leper's Pen discography. Be sure to stay tuned for Volume Three, which is in the works.

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Artist: Leper's Pen
Title: Rarities 2
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 6/3/2003
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5637372213
UPC: 634479023682
Item #: SRD902368
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