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My Arrival

My Arrival


~ Lost Son

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Product Notes

Lost Son's artistic ability allows you to feel all your emotions. Whether your feelings allow you to be grateful and content or they allow you to wallow in despair, Lost Son gives that to you. Lost Son's art form expresses his anger, his love and his appreciation of God's world. Lost Son writes chapters (albums) of his life comprising of all his experiences and his ever passion to over stand the true meaning of what we call life. People often ask what does Lost Son really mean. Lost Son means every man is God's lost son; every woman is God's lost daughter. Lost Son represents people who are trying to find the meaning of life. We all go through life with up's and down's, love and hate. Lost Son puts all his emotions into his lyrics and music to find the purpose of life. Lost Son was born March 15, 1980 in Long Island Jewish Hospital. Brought up in an area of Queens called Ozone Park, New York. Where he was taught never to be a quitter and embrace challenges life has to offer. By the age of ten his family moved to Miami, Florida. Being a new kid on the block, he kept to himself and started writing lyrics. At the tender age of ten, Lost Son realized his passion and his creativity. Lost Son has shared the stage with known artist like Mr. Cheeks and artists from his own label such as Izzy Dead, Mad Man and Lion Hart of the Marley family. He also has appeared as special guest on tracks for artists on Diane's Boy/Sony the label of Mr. Cheeks. Other artists he has worked with has been Drew McLean, Vanessa and Messiah, his record will be out fall of 2004. If you live in South Florida then there is a guarantee that you have heard Lost Son on compilations of DJ's for example; DJ Epps, DJ Idea, DJ EFX, DJ Dragstick, DJ Bulletproof, DJ Super Dre and DJ Vertigo and the list goes on. As well as popular radio stations like Power 96FM, 88.1FM, 90.5FM, 92.7FM, 89.1FM. There is nothing like seeing Lost Son perform live and his determination to make sure he is heard he has left people wanting more at the following events/venues; Ritz Plaza Hotel, Coconut Grove Convention Center, Bayfront Park Downtown Miami, ZU Bar, Club Grave and Soho Lounge. There is no doubt that Lost Son left his presence and will continue to do so. Lost Son's relentless desire will allow him not to give up until his goals are attained. By facing all obstacles he proves his readiness for the challenge. He is committed, he is driven. He is ... Lost Son.

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Artist: Lost Son
Title: My Arrival
Genre: Rap/Hip Hop
Release Date: 3/2/2004
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5637378904
UPC: 634479702327
Item #: SRD970232
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