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~ Luke Styles

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Product Notes

I have been doing music for all my life and now I think I have came up with one of the hottest sounds out of 'Carter Dynamic Records'. I took my time with this album and made it slam dunk in your system and for your listening ears. I believe that if I continue to do music I will find that break in the industry. A good contract that can take Luke Styles to a whole new level. As for now check out my indie music and enjoy the new hot album 'N.D.N.M.B.'. Track #1. This track 'Good Girl' is about Luke Styles asking God to send him that one perfect girl. The kind that every man wants a lady in the street but a freak in the bed. Track #2. 'Temperature' is an urban/RnB pop cross over that takes you into the world of 'No Death N My Bed' by introducing you to Luke Styles getting out and trying to get that good girl. This particular girl makes Luke a bit hot under the pajamas's if you know what I mean. Track#3. 'My Vote' takes the world by storm as it partakes in the findings of that good girl that has Luke Styles vote to be the baddest. This song is focused on a bit of political speech with some slamming beats. Track #4. Now that Luke Styles has found the good girl and she has his vote 'Love Game' explains how Luke treat his lady in new fashion and expensive trips. Track#5. Now that Luke has spent his bucks on this so called good girl he finds a broken heart in 'Best Of Me' as he confess that this one has gotten the best of him. Track#6. 'No Death N My Bed' symbolizes that Luke Styles still will make sweet love as this new girl finds her way into his heart. He finds that love is only for while and that sometimes it doesn't last forever. If you don't use it you lose it. Track#7. This song 'Hot & Stunning' explains how Luke Styles found this new girl up in the club. This would be the girl to cause no death n my bed. Track#8. 'Break' is to explain how you can find Luke Styles or Luke Stylez Aka Luke Styles Baby. Here is where you find that Luke Styles has done this whole album by himself. Track#9. This is the raunchy explicit side of the tracks as we progress to rap. Rap fans get ready for 'Beat Da Pu$$y Up' as it explains nasty sex and car rocking movement. Luke Styles speaks in 3rd and first person as he performs his duty. The beat is smooth and mellow jam that still has that down and grimy sound. Track#10. After the break you pretty much have entered the rap side as 'Brand New Romance' takes you into a world of pimping and sex. Nasty girls sexing Luke Styles and guys trying to hate on Luke Styles craft. Track#11 'Industry Mistake' is exactly what it is. This song speaks on if Luke Styles was to sign a big major deal. A bad contract deal is the outcome and if Luke was to get slave driven by the industry. Track#12 Hold on to your hats as this Bay sounding beat with a different style voice over 'Get Cheese'. This is mostly speaking on how Luke Styles is trying to get it off of the music game as an independent artist. Track#13 The last track of the album which is 'On Your Heart' takes you into that good life of old school slump. Get ready for that B-B-Que music cause this is it. Luke Styles spitting bars hardcore with the light of love in his heart for that chick that keeps 'No Death N My Bed'. Hope you enjoy the latest from 'Carter Dynamic Records' very own 'Luke Styles'

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Artist: Luke Styles
Title: N.D.N.M.B.
Genre: Urban
Release Date: 3/12/2014
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5638243587
UPC: 888174571751
Item #: 1255417X
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