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~ Lyndsay Taylor

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Product Notes

Thanks so much for taking a moment to listen to Beloved! The songs from this EP were written in personal quiet time with God and we are excited to share them with you! Joanna and I (Lyndsay) have been best friends for over a decade, and our families both live in Elizabethtown, KY. We are both married and are grateful to get to raise our kids near one another. Our daughters (age 7 and 8) are best friends, too. Joanna came over with her cello one afternoon and as I have done for years, I sang her some of my new songs. We quickly worked out how we could perform them together and decided to record an EP! As we sang, and as we recorded, we really felt that these songs offered us an opportunity to connect with God in a real and personal way. It is our prayer that they will bring you that same opportunity! The first song is It Is Well With My Soul, an old favorite hymn of ours. I changed the melody and made it more upbeat, but the heart of the song is the same...We are celebrating that 'Christ has regarded my helpless estate and has shed His own blood for my soul!' Amen!!! The next song, Hallelujah, was being written at the time of my mother-in-law's death. There were several conflicts in my life at the time as well, and we were yearning to live out the New Testament teaching of rejoicing in the midst of heartbreak. The song was incomplete until after her death, when we were reading her testimony that she had written out. In reading those words, I finished the song with her in mind. Also, Joanna sings the lead on this one for the album and I have to say it is stunning! The third song on the EP is Never Be Another, a song we are hoping to do as a congregational worship song! One of my favorite aspects of worship, and something that inspires me to worship, is bringing to mind all that He is in light of all that I am not. I don't want to live my life down about all that I am not...I want to turn my eyes to all He is and forget about the rest! As my eyes are on His greatness, I am transformed into what He wants me to be, in His time, but my attention is not fixed on that. Song #4 is Take Me In. To be honest, I wrote this song from someone else's perspective at the time, but there have been many times in my life that I have experienced bits and pieces of these feelings. There is no shame in coming to the Lord, transparent and honest. In fact, He can do so much more, so much more quickly, when we come with our 'real-ness' revealed. He truly loves us, and truly longs to 'take us in'. The fifth song is another that Joanna sings the lead on, and it is beautiful! Love So Sure is a sweet and simple worship song that we use in personal time with Jesus. We hope that you feel invited into that place of rest in Him through hearing this song. Wells is song #6 on the EP, another song about honesty in His presence. I wrote this song a couple of years ago, in a time where once again I was seeing that nothing can fill me, nothing can satisfy, except the Lord. Times of emptiness, even loss, are a gift from Him because if we always had what we wanted and always felt how we wanted to feel, there would be no empty spaces for Him to fill. A life with no empty spaces left for Him means we never truly lived...So as painful as certain trials are, I'm glad He makes a way for Himself because He's the only cure, the only source of life, the only true hope and love. We Come Out Shining is a song we re-did from my last CD, 'Who We Are While We Wait'. This is a song for the Church! I have a strong conviction that we must be prepared for suffering, armed with the deep knowledge that it is only through the fire that we are refined as gold. Whether it is personal difficulty or church wide persecution, as believers we need to not be surprised and expect ease...I believe our time here is short, and God has purposes for us that go far beyond our comfort and security. When we are not secure, when we are not comfortable, yet still trusting Him, that is worship He deserves. Lastly, we decided to add When Faith Runs Deep, a duet from my first CD, 'Writing Lines Unseen'. This is one of our favorite songs to sing together, and it is a reminder that no matter how we feel, we can hold on to the Lord knowing He is unchanging. Sometimes our faith feels like it is in a winter season, and that's okay. God is still with us and it's in those times that our faith can run deeper still.

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Artist: Lyndsay Taylor
Title: Beloved
Genre: Christian
Release Date: 10/12/2013
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5638192656
UPC: 884501992664
Item #: 878367X
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