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Love Dont Like You

Love Dont Like You


~ M-80's

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Product Notes

The M-80's - Love Don't Like You (The Lost Record) The M-80's were a young viceral garage-punk band from Norfolk, Virginia. In 1987, as a slap in the face to the hair metal bands of the era, Eddie Pierce (vocals, harmonica, and maracas), Witt Drawls (guitar), Rob Katherman (bass), and Rusty Floyd (drums) pulled deep from old punk-rock playing music of the MC5, The Stooges, and even deeper to underground 60's bands like Q65, The Gants, and The Pretty Things. The boys also began writing their own music inspired by these groups and released 3 7" records "That Ain't All"/"Sweet Mr. Brown"(Criminal Records), "You've Been Told"/"What I'm After"(Get Hip) and a full length record titled In A Fury (Get Hip Records) in the can by 1991. These guys not only played the music, but lived the lifestyle. There were rumors of shows where the band would kick your ass on stage, then immediately go behind the club and kick each others ass. Rusty used to say the band name meant you lit the fuse to see how long it would take for it to all blow to hell. In 1991, the M-80's, as their alter-ego 60's garage-rock cover band called The Revolvers, were playing a show at Lewis' Seafood Restaurant in Norfolk with opening act The Rebelations. The Rebelations were a new band on the scene playing surf and psych-rock fronted by recent Maryland transplant Gary Roadarmel. Gary and Eddie immediately hit it off. Gary was then invited to come over, have beers, jam with the guys. Witt, the current guitarist, was getting out of playing with the band. The band immediately was on fire and even wrote a new song that night called "Ride Little Sister." Gary decided to call it quits with The Rebelations and join this band full time as lead guitarist which then called themselves The Stepping Stones. Rob Katherman (bassist and Witt's brother) felt he couldn't continue on with a new guitarist and decided to exit before the bands first gig. So after attempts with a few bassists that ended in disaster (a show with a shirtless funk slap bassist and a wireless connection walking around the audience comes to mind) Johnny Cassidy from the band View Master was inducted into the group and The Stepping Stones moved forward. The band played locally building a new following while writing and tightening up their chops. The guys began opening bigger shows for groups as diverse as Follow For Now to The Edgar Winter Group as well. In 1992, The M-80's-In A Fury CD was finally seeing the light of day from Get Hip Records. Also 7" "Seeing Things/"Split"/"Bad Woman"(Estrus Records), The M-80's-Self Titled CD, and the inclusion of "57 Nomad" on The Estrus Gear Box were all being released. So the band decided to change their name from The Stepping Stones back to The M-80s with Eddie Pierce (vocals, harmonica, maracas), Gary Roadarmel (guitar), Johnny Cassidy (bass), and Rusty Floyd (drums). They then hit the road in support of these releases, as well as showcasing their new material. The guys played all over the east side of the country from Michigan to Florida getting tighter, kickin' ass and blowin' shit up! During this time period, the group went into Mid-Ease Studios with Randy Kling in Norfolk, VA and recorded a brand new M-80's record. A 7" was released from this, "Slit My Wrist"/"Hell's Kitchen" (Dionysus Records), but the rest of this record sat dormant for 21 years as the group disbanded moving to different parts of the world. Recently, a video was posted to YouTube that the M-80's did for local TV with this lineup containing two songs from that shelved record. "Just Like Ms. Taylor" and "Love Don't Like You" were the tracks used. This sparked Gary Roadarmel to pull out his old cassette of the board mix and remaster it digitally in his studio (Boogalee Studio) in Louisiana. Gary has been in close contact with Johnny Cassidy, who now resides in Utah on releasing this long lost record to the public. The M-80's - Love Don't Like You is a 13 song recording remastered from cassette. It is being released to CD and digital download from Parish Records in Ponchatoula, LA to the world on December 10th, 2013. No touring or reunions are being planned. Love Don't Like You is just a little time capsule of a damn good rock and roll band. 1) Love Don't Like You (Pierce/Roadarmel) 2) Slit My Wrist (Pierce/Roadarmel) 3) You Can't Judge A Book (W.Dixon) 4) Ride Little Sister (Pierce/Roadarmel/Katherman) 5) I'm A Snake (S.Herring) 6) Just Like Ms. Taylor (Pierce/Roadarmel) 7) So Shook Up (Pierce/Roadarmel) 8) Hell's Kitchen (Pierce/Roadarmel) 9) Babylon (D.Peterson) 10) Get The Story Straight (Pierce/Roadarmel) 11) My Way Or The Highway (Pierce/Roadarmel) 12) It Rained Today (Pierce/Roadarmel/Cassidy) 13) When You're Gone (Pierce/Roadarmel) Credits: Vocals, Harmonica - Eddie Pierce Guitar, Backing Vocals - Gary Roadarmel Bass - Johnny Cassidy Drums - Rusty Floyd Piano- Randy Melton Recorded fall of 1992 by Randy Melton at Mid Ease Studios, Norfolk, VA Digitally mastered October 2013 by Gary Roadarmel at Boogalee Studios, Ponchatoula, LA Graphic Design- James Brabson Cover Photograph- Pauline Daniel Thanks: Sharon Reams, Denise Lawrence Owen, Hardcore Norfolk, Dedicated to Kaveman Kerr and Witt Drawls (c) 2013 Parish Records (p) 2013 Boogalee Music /SESAC (except tracks 3, 5, 9)

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Artist: M-80's
Title: Love Dont Like You
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 12/10/2013
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5638212282
UPC: 885007458173
Item #: 981736X
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