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African Rain & Spanish Clippers

African Rain & Spanish Clippers


~ Marcel Paris

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Product Notes

Marcel Pierarts was born abroad of a European father and an American mother. Marcel was raised in the Lubbock area west Texas plains and now presents us a labor of love. An acoustic piano album embedded with blues; rock; and a classical matrix of sound...a hidden alure of jazz as well - shades of Peanut's Schroeder and George Winston mark this album of haunting, beautiful, and lively tunes. Two songs, Tulip and The Edge of Blue (hard driving jazz and purist classical blues respectively) present a vigor and control that challenges the artists' prowess. Jazz-rock and piano rock tunes like Prism Splurge and The Eagle carry song hooks that make you feel free. Heart capturing instrumental songs, Bella and Medlow's Melody, impress life's sometimes frivolous moods and deeper sentiments. This album's name sake, African Rain and Spanish Clippers, is a well executed modern classical piece. Ode to a Butterfly also fits in this genre - with aplomb. These are some of the finest instrumental jewels that I've had the pleasure to produce! This is an unusual album. A cross-over or a New Age is hard to put your finger any case there is a tune in it to sooth or suit your mood - I hope you enjoy it as much as I have. Thank you. Mr. Pierarts has played with area renowned in Quincy, Illinois, such as Rod and the Satalites; Crystal Wind; and has jammed with the elusive Skeeter Tate Band. In Texas, Marcel has played with Sweetleaf, of which the lead singer was Larry Williams, later becoming known as Jr. Medlow of Austin, Tx. blues fame. Marcel also recorded with Nightflyer and The Robert Shaw Projects - versatile; hard rock outfits. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Friends have asked me to categorize these songs. I resist this idea, however the importance of this appeal has been convincing. A list of categories is here forth presented for you: African Rain and Spanish Clippers Song #: 1) Classical jazz-rock...(Prism Splurge) *Inspired by rain, glass, and a rainbow. 2) Piano rock ballad...(The Eagle) *Inspired by some of Elton John's piano work. 3) Piano ballad/new age classical...(Zebras & a Bow 'n' Arrow) *This is a kid's visions of Africa & a gift from Gran'ma in Tx. 4) Piano rock ballad...(Rose Trellis) *Duanne Allman gave me some fingering inspiration. 5) Happy blues, sort of a boogey...(Mockingbird Lullaby) *A happy-go-lucky bro' inspired this one. 6) Classical/new age classical...(African Rain and Spanish Clippers) *Inspired by some nature of God...rain. 7) Classical/new age classical...(Ode to a Butterfly) *A blue-winged butterfly, sadly no longer in flight, laying quit still on the full regalia. 8) Piano rock ballad...(Bella) *I had a crush. 9) Ballad...(Medlow's Melody) *To a dear friend with a five octave vocal range; He passed away at tha age of 42. 10)Bluesy jazz...(Tulip) *Thoroughly thrilled by a lady's passion; jammin' Jimi Hendrix; and pragmatic Bob Dylan. 11) Classical blues...(The Edge of Blue) *This is a non-secular divinity inspired by George Gerschwin. Yours Truly, Marcel Pierarts.

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    Title: African Rain & Spanish Clippers
    Genre: Easy Listening
    Release Date: 8/26/2003
    Label: CD Baby
    Product Type: CD
    Catalog #: 5637385818
    UPC: 634479574726
    Item #: SRD957472
    This product is a special order