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In the Key of Earth

In the Key of Earth


~ Marjorie de Muynck

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Product Notes

From the Liner Notes: In four epic musical movements, through the vehicle of the pulse, de Muynck explores the subtle and occasionally swelling harmonics suggestive of creation. Her expansive sonic interpretation of how glints of light might sound as they first touch the Earth is achieved with a Doppler effect. The slightly dissonant yet beautiful vocals in the "Ancient Aquifer" section calls to mind mythical sirens ceremoniously marching toward pristine and cavernous waters. And the final movement features perhaps life's most essential and prominent rhythm of all-the breath. The tender interplay of the human voice of the trumpet, breath, and Native American flute, and the underlying pulse of the planet, is an intimate expression of our relationship with the Earth; fragile and precious. In the Key of Earth is a celebration of our planet as a living organism-it's pulse, breath, rhythms, and cycles-all resplendent and musical. In this ambient recording, de Muynck bends and reinvents the boundaries between sound and music through seldom-heard harmonics created with acoustic instruments. The overtones and harmonics are like colors, prisms of light playing off the fundamental of Ohm. Like an abstract expressionist, de Muynck plays her instruments, but not as one would anticipate. The effect is captivating, symphonic, and inspiring. The pulse of the Earth is the constant unifying force throughout this sonic work, grounding and connecting each movement. In the fundamental of Ohm, the rhythm of the pulse anchors the melodic and harmonic elements and textures. Visceral and familiar like a heartbeat, yet more elemental and vaster than the heartbeat of any single living organism, this pulse provides the stability and axis upon which each movement turns. It is a dynamic evocation of the macrocosm and the forces of creation. In the Key of Earth is a richly imagined the call and response of creation. The sounds introduced are not rarified and lofty expressions intended to elevate and 'disembody' the listener. On the contrary, In the Key of Earth is meant to ground and relax the listener through resonance with the Earth using Ohm, an alternative tuning based on the vibrational frequency of the Earth's elliptical orbit as it travels around the Sun. Note: All acoustic sounds were created specifically for this recording. Many of the tones heard are "unstruck" tones (overtones and harmonics), which are featured compositional elements. As sound designers, de Muynck and recording engineer Orr built and shaped the pulse from various acoustic instruments from the ground up. Because the heartbeat is central to cycles and pulses, capturing this rhythm to make it sound as real as possible was the first step in the development of this piece. All instruments were played live to the fundamental track of the drone/pulse. No synthesized, sampled, or pre-recorded sounds were used. Credits: Composed and Conceptualized by Marjorie de Muynck Marjorie de Muynck - Ohm Tuning Forks (four octaves), Bass, Vocals, Baritone Sax, Native American flute, Brazilian berimbau, Ohm Crystal Bowl Ryan Montano - Trumpet Sound Design - Marjorie de Muynck, Dick Orr From the Artist: The fundamental tone underlying this recording is Ohm, a scientifically calculated frequency based on the elliptical orbit of the Earth as it travels around the sun through the four seasons. Ohm exists in the harmonically rich valley between the musical notes of C and C sharp, an alternative, or "cosmic," tuning that predates keyboard or modern Western music. Ohm is felt in nature, in the cycles and rhythm of the Earth, and the movement of the cosmos. The ancient tone of Ohm is said to be the original sound of the universe, from which all other sound emanates. This primordial vibration, with all of it's beautiful overtones, is the music of our sphere, planet Earth. Ohm is considered a sacred tone throughout the world, and, in many traditions, people chant the mantra of Ohm. The cycles, seasons, and pulses of life are intrinsic to Ohm. As the Earth orbits the sun, this measurable vibration known as the Ohm frequency affects every living organism. Because our individual bodies resonate with these planetary cycles and pulses, by listening to the Earth tone of Ohm, we become a part of the synchronistic dance of life. During a quieter time in our history, it is thought that this omnipresent tone could actually be heard. But with the surrounding din continually on the rise, it has become increasingly difficult to hear the rich rhythms of nature and of our own rhythmic breathing and heartbeat. To best enjoy this recording, I recommend you listen in a quiet environment. In the Key of Earth is an opportunity to journey beneath this "threshold of noise" to a place of healing. As a small child, I was in love with the Earth, it's sounds, and it's mysterious quality of light. With the health of the Earth in crisis, I was drawn to create a recording that would attempt to capture her elemental beauty. Because the Earth is a living organism, the notion of a pulse became very important-hence the drone you will hear under the music. Because dissonance exists in both music and life, I didn't want to exclude these exquisite tonal realities. All tones are a part of the dance of life. In the Key of Earth is my interpretation of the primordial, when the sounds and harmonics of creation became musical.

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Artist: Marjorie de Muynck
Title: In the Key of Earth
Genre: New Age
Release Date: 10/1/2007
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5638135943
UPC: 600835118620
Item #: MDZN511862
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