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Life of Illusion

Life of Illusion


~ Mark Cameron

(Duplicated CD)
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Product Notes

Since 1972 Mark Cameron has been playing guitar. He was heavily influenced by the 1970's sound and brought this influence to several bands he founded during the 1980's and 90's. In 1984 Mark founded the Twin-Cities based band Citizen's Patrol. Their releases included "On Patrol" (1986) "Theory and Methods" (1988) and "Range of Emotion" 1990. The band received favorable radio airplay with the singles "Chemical Girl" and "Can't Take another Night". In 1989 Mark's song "On the Avenue" was selected for revue by a panel of record industry representatives, who argued passionately about the meaning behind the material. Video releases included "On Washington Avenue" (1986) and "On the Beltline" (1988) Along with Rock and Folk influences Mark has brought a Blues/Soul character into much of his song writing. In 1999 Mark completed his first solo work "From Hell to Breakfast" and is releasing his newest effort: "Life of Illusion" this year. For this new release Mark has brought together a diverse group of musicians. This includes drummer John Benedict who has been working with Mark since 1980. Also featured are Bassist Mark Jueneman, guitarist Bobby Schnitzer and Harmonica legend Bruce Kernow. Piano and Hammond organ tracks were performed by Dr. Matt Fink. Additional vocal performances were provided by Tracy Kramer and Serrin Andreas. Tracking, mixing and mastering were completed by Rob Genedek at the Brewhouse in Minneapolis. "Life of Illusion" has a very live feel. All of the tracks were performed with John Benedict, Mark Jueneman and Mark Cameron playing together in the studio with no metronome or computer assistance. The Songs: Never Did: This is a slow-burn rock song that features the earthy drumming style of John Benedict. It explores all the small crossroads that a person can encounter and how several small decisions can add up to one big result. Bobby Schnitzer delivers a Clapton-esque performance on lead guitar. Since I met you: This is a blues song featuring the stellar Harmonica playing of Bruce Kernow. The powerful metaphor of two lovers being separated by jail cells of their own making gives the song a unique stamp. Ambition: Originally written in 1987, this song has morphed into a completely new creature for this version. "The lean and hungry look is coming through" is a favorite lyric. Silly Hats: This song could be about hatred, intolerance, paranoia or ignorance. Or it might just be about hats. You decide. Sometimes: Sometimes you just need to record an over-the-top rock ballad. This song is indulgent by design and is a game changer in live performance. Life of Illusion: This song simulates the effect of a person seeing themselves in a clear pool of water and then touching the surface to create a wave effect. The farther you get from the beginning, the more distorted the image becomes. This is a song about a conflicted person and the pain she endures. Nervous World: If this sounds a bit like an 80's song that is because it is. It was originally recorded by John and Mark back in 1982. Every so often they dig it back up and take it for a drive. It still seems to run pretty well. It features pots, pans and other percussion along with the many voices of Serrin Andreas. What do you do all day anyway? No Idea: This is a song about misplaced hero worship. Bobby Schnitzer gives a moving performance on guitar. Boxcar blues: This song might sound a bit like a fairy tale, but actually it is all true. It is the story of Donald Libby, who sheltered many homeless people (and musicians) in his boxcar over the years. Game Over: This song is a fairy tale. This time it is several big decisions that add up to: Game Over. Understand: This is classic 70's rock. Why do people play in a band? This song explores the three reasons: Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll.

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Artist: Mark Cameron
Title: Life of Illusion
Genre: Rock
Attributes: Duplicated CD
Release Date: 9/3/2008
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5637239965
UPC: 707541045599
Item #: 1416701X
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