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Sight Up

Sight Up


~ Mawwal

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Product Notes

ALBUM NOTES/LYRICS 1. Bloom Forest (Matus/Summer Is Icumen In, trad. Arr. Matus) The title of this song came to me in a dream after a trip to the remote hills of Jamaica Bloom yellow, bloom red, Bloom fire, bloom bread. Bloom heaven, bloom hell, Bloom feather, bloom shell. Bloom ever, bloom now,Bloom thunder, bloom loud. Bloom water, bloom life,Bloom father, bloom wife. Bloom forest bloom, bloom for us. Bloom lizard, bloom fly,Bloom deeper, bloom high. Bloom story, bloom song. Bloom fury, bloom strong. Bloom honey, bloom blood, Bloom desert, bloom flood. Bloom iron, bloom rock, Bloom wonder, bloom shock. 12th century English folk song: Svmer is icumen in, Lhude sing cuccu! Groweþ sed and bloweþ med and springþ þe wde nu, Sing cuccu! (Summer is coming, loudly sing cuckoo! Seed will grow, meadows will bloom, the woods will spring anew. Sing Cuckoo!) 2. Jajouka Between the Mountains (Bashir Attar, arr. Matus) This is a song I learned from Bashir Attar, the leader of the Moroccan group Master Musicians of Jakouka Awsalli alla Mohammed wana sali ma akoum, Aili Aili ou Jajouka bain legeball Translation:'Pray on Mohammed and I am going to pray with you.' 'Oh yes,yes, Jajouka between the mountains' 3. Fuu Duu/Voodoo Chile (Jimi Hendrix, arr. Matus) This song was arranged in the East African style and sung partly in English and partly in Arabic I stand up next to a mountain, chop it down with the edge of my hand. La'INnii TIFlu l-FUUduu, TIFlu l-FUUdu bilLAhi TIFlu l-FUUduu (I'm a Voodoo child, Lord knows I'm a Voodoo child) Well a mountain lion found me, And let me fly on a eagles back. AQUmu bi-JAnibi JAbalin (I stand up next to a mountain) wadamMIRuhu bi-HAFat yadii. (chop it down with the edge of my hand). My humming bird hums so loud, You think you're losing your mind. 4. Sight Up/Vetettem Violat (trad. Hungarian. Arr. Matus/additional lyrics Matus) The title and English lyrics in this song came to me in a dream Man is but a god, sight up. All in heaven be blind, ears to the ground (sung in Latvian on the bridge) I have sown violets (Moldavian folk song) translation: I have sown violets - as I await their bloom I await my sweetheart's return. The violet has bloomed and flowered, but my sweetheart never returned. My little chattering blackbird, pluck the sound of your voice, Bring forth your beautiful voice and sing to my heart a comforting song. I have neither made her sad, nor will I comfort her, The one who made her sad will also be the one to comfort her 5. I Mute The Burning River (Matus) The title and some of the lyrics in this song came to me in a dream Damned of all things, what good be a man? The moon will catch all he can do in a minute. In the hand of all Kings, what could be a plan is but measured reward and numbered untoward infinity. I dispute the final word, I mute the burning river. I salute the mind absurd, unclothed without a shiver. What volume of sea, what sum of great sky will hear my high wail on a steep creaving trail in a dream? In the ballroom of sleep, our gods free to lie, costumed we drink and dance out of sync to extreme. A STREAM THAT DON'T RUN - A RIVER THAT WON'T FLOW (sung in Latvian) 6. Happy On Your Feet Go (Matus) The title of this song came to me in a dream Taka Taka Teem Dharma Dharma Tao Tao Susaran bhadr ih ( Sanskrit: Good passage, happy here on Earth) 7. Early In The Morning (Matus) This song was originally intended as an absurd rewrite of the traditional "Drunken Sailor" but somehow became a serious heartfelt ballad What do you do when it's late in the evening, early in the morning? In the sky the stars abound and the sun ain't nowhere in sight And there's darkness all around, and everyone wants to say goodnight, early in the morning And the moon is rising higher at the end of a long day And you've never been so tired, and you know it's time to hit the hay, early in the morning CHORUS: (sung in Latvian) It's not early anymore, all the daylight hours have slipped away, And it's time to close the store, send all the late night stragglers on their way, early in the morning 8. Rag Yamen (trad. Arr. Matus) (Traditional Hindustani love song) This is a song that I learned from master musician and teacher Stan Scott from Wesleyan U. when I took some traditional Indian vocal lessons.

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Artist: Mawwal
Title: Sight Up
Genre: International
Release Date: 9/11/2011
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 01460602
UPC: 747014606025
Item #: 161158X


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