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Resonant Memory of Earth

Resonant Memory of Earth


~ Max Corbacho

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Product Notes

Originally released in 2002 year on the USA based Space For Music label, and after being critically acclaimed, this release is again for sale on CD, now in a 24 bit remastered edition. 'The resonant Memory of Earth', is a slow landscape of organic, waving, and mysterious atmospheres. Max Corbacho completes some ways begun in Vestiges, but of an absolutely atmospheric form. Across all four tracks that compose the album, Corbacho brings the listener to a new state of acoustic perception, inducing a state of semi drowsiness, increased by the down tempo, the sinuous movement of the mysterious sonorous currents and the subtle, fine harmonic architecture, ever mutating and regenerating.Soft coiling and morphing textures, heavy atmospheric textural music for a deep drift into the dimensions of space, time and place. Morpheus Music & The Mall Magazine Review: MUSIC Smooth, synthetic ambient zones. This is an album of immersive atmopheres without beat or melody, designed to set the listener adrift. Welling up like waves on the shore, washes of tone arise and roll one over another in constant succession - some deep and sonorous, some light, thin, others full of sonic detritus caught in the tide - percussive rattles like churning pebbles. Ever-receeding surges of sound drain back into the next wave. As the album pulls away from the shoreline the electronic ocean becomes dark and obscure in places, floating forms drifting by, heavy masses of tone heaving and pulling. Tracks blend one into another, the only indication of a progression usually being a lessening of intensity, a lightness as if surfacing momentarily. New tracks subtly intorduce fresh voices into the mix and some shifts of scale. ARTWORK Liquid ripples and solarised reflections fill two panels of the cover booklet in rich blues, turquoises, terracotta hues and dark shadows. The title text sitting in a heavy border of shadow near the base. On the reverse an ambiguous out of focus photo-image works as backdrop for the titles and an explanation of the project. Within we find a gear list, recording details and credits, some special thanks and contact information - this is presented on a white background with an accompanying monochrome reflection image. OVERALL For his third album, Max Corbacho presents four longform pieces ranging from just over six minutes to thirty eight minutes fifteen seconds. Designed for continuous playback - the tone is generally a serious one drifting somewhere in between warmth and cold. The concept behind the music is that of the 'earth call' - what Max describes as 'that feeling pulling us away from the cities to seek contact with the rock, the earth and water ...'. A strong sense of space with something of the viscosity of liquid pervades this album - the listener is able to feel suspended in sound, surrounded in all directions, afloat, immersed Marius-Christian Burcea, Host of 'Journeys to the Infinite': THE RESONANT MEMORY OF EARTH creates a rich atmosphere of sound to be breathed in. Max extend the sounds of natural environment into the space of imagination. The artist don't try to imitate the environmental soundscape, but rather he produce sound events, textures and phrases that are analogous in richness of possibilities and variety of nuances. Seeking the fullness of horizons to conquer, Corbacho's vision celebrates the magic mutation of the natural forms. There is a feeling of time having almost stopped, no need to rush, listen it slowly, like seeing each rock itself and what it has to offer. Phil Derby / Exposé Magazine: Corbacho continues in the musical direction he forged on Vestiges and Far Beyond The Immobile Point, moving ever outward into the reaches of deep space music. Whereas Vestiges had some tribal elements, his next release was more expansive, and this CD continues that trend even further. Though technically four tracks, there is a continuous flow of 73 minutes of surreal soundscapes. Long slow synth pads, lush and thick, draw the listener in, with plenty of atmospheric touches and effects. 'Remote Sensing' does nothing to dispel the notion that Corbacho is the 'Spanish Steve Roach,' as this compares favorably with notable Roach works like The Dream Circle and The Magnificent Void. Bright shimmering sounds meld with dark churning drones to great effect. The rich metallic character reaches it's peak in 'Magenta Beauty,' as the music conjures up vivid mental pictures. The 38-minute title track closes the disc out in dreamy style. The entire disc will send you into a deep reverie you won't soon want to leave.

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Artist: Max Corbacho
Title: Resonant Memory of Earth
Genre: Electronic
Attributes: Remastered
Release Date: 11/1/2009
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 50255582
UPC: 884502555820
Item #: CDBY55820


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