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P.P.King (American Pharaoh)

P.P.King (American Pharaoh)


~ P-Spot

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Product Notes

'Cheating death his whole life P-Spot is back'!!! P.P King (the American Pharaoh) is P-Spot's 2006 release. This album was self produced and made with three engineers and recorded at Darkhorse Studio in Auburn N.Y. by Chris Carnicelli. With a small group of recording dates and some good friends this this latest collection of music is now a reality... Concept, songs and lyrics writen by P-Spot as well multi-instrumentation, piano, vocals, acoustic & electric guitars, percusions,drums,bass guitar (electric)and jazz horn. With a new handful of guest players this latest effort has tracks each as different as the ones before, 'from the beginings of western to blues, modern day jams, early piano and the late spoken word form'. These players include: Michael Bowman,Chris Carnicelli,Jason Carnicelli,Kevin James Dean,Jeff DeVaney,Brady Leo,Jason Ritter,Brian Schrull... P-Spot believes that music is a great thing to be enjoyed and shared, he also believes that it builds bridges to places and people and has always been as we know it !!! 'Having been given,I must give'.This guy like Chuck Norris can rip your heart out or just leave it happily beating.His musical style has been described from barbaric to uplfting.. 'I love music' says the Yellow Songster... This is his third release on Mad Dash Records a definite step into the musical mind of P-Spot. Photography on this C.D. was done by: Flipside Photography. As well as album and C.D. design.(Thank you Phil).... This latest group of songs were made to inspire all minds from places near and far'no matter where you are'. This Album was inspired by 'getting up and dusting off like Americans do or Don't'. 'A thousand blessings to you,long life and happiness, I spread a carpet of dreams before you. I'm keeping a golden promise. Long ago there lived a king who didn't do much but play and sing, off little bird,off to wing,someone please touch his thing, see what light this life may bring. So again be lost in now a sea of yellow, from the desert the 'P.P.King'is dry and says,'hello'!!! P-Spot plays around New York State sparatically Thru-out the year so catch him if you you can,when you can.... He likes to promote Empty glasses and shakin' asses,so DRINK, DRINK, DRINK, P,P,P!!!And enjoy!!! And brace yourself for his next releases 'Worse Than the Kids'2007 and 'I.C.U.P'.2008 Coming soon!!! Then get ready to check out P-Spot's 'Undies' his new band for 2008 that will knock your pants off! With members that will shock you!!

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    Title: P.P.King (American Pharaoh)
    Genre: Folk
    Release Date: 5/2/2006
    Label: CD Baby
    Product Type: CD
    Catalog #: 5637438168
    UPC: 837101169967
    Item #: SRD116996