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First Flight

First Flight


~ Phoenix

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Product Notes

One of the BEST Romantic smooth jazz CDs ever recorded. Extremely sexy and smooth, always seeming to be building towards a climax. Features the late and great tenor sax, Ronald Barber, known to the South Florida scene as Ray Romar. Guitarist, arranger, produced this album and performed all of the rhythm tracks and guitar. The Saint, reborn for the second time, so to speak, the delima of the acquisition. Inspired by my Urantia fellowship aspirations, as there is a very nice south Florida group who read the Urantia Book. MeterMaid, well was hanging out at the taxi stand and there was a brother playin on a keyboard powered by batteries, and I happen to catch a riff that I liked and arranged the tune by taking samples out of the orig keyboard jam, and making up a song. So that's the mystery S. FL taxi man playin the keyboard part. PhatBoy, refers to me, of course. Girls'n' Boys, can you dig it man, I met a petite blond, while taking some classes at Lexington Community College in Lexington, Kentucky. She was quiet and kinda shy, had some abuse she had lived through I think, anyway, we moved to Florida together, and we were living in Ft. Lauderdale in a little apt, when nearby restaurant owner knocked on the door and had 2 Dalmations. Well, to make a long story short, they hired me to play @ Saint Gregories La'Fondue.. and I ended up working there for almost 4 years. And the Phoenix was my creation of segway music that I would play on the job at the restaurant. Ray was hired for New Year's the first year and we were together as a duo/band for almost 10 years.. As you can hear, Ray was a superb player. All Around is a complete spontaneous jam on the synthesizer and I over tracked the bass, played everything pretty much straight through because I really wanted a fresh yet innocent arrangement. Fushia, (hope I spelled that right) was totally inspired by Miles Davis and late night New York City, comin home at 4:30 in the morning, racing down the ave with one or two other taxis, till I finially arrived at 306 West 38th Street (Manhattan) the infamous Blue Moon Studios. Come Monday, inspired by the Florida smooth jazz vibe, the full moon over Miami as your coming up over the rise on the interstate and there's the whole city of Miami in front of you.. but you can't stop and enjoy it cause it's on the freeway... Tripple Man, inspired by hearing house and tech in Ft. Lauderdale and from electronic composer Todd Lewis. The Saint rE-VISITED, JUST MORE OF A GOOD THING. That's all for now, check out my other CDs and help us make this a best seller on Sincerly Four Stars' JAM Florida Music Mag... ' mystifying' Sun Sentinel/Broward Co.

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    Title: First Flight
    Genre: Indie Rock/Pop
    Release Date: 9/19/2006
    Label: CD Baby
    Product Type: CD
    Catalog #: 5637432211
    UPC: 634479390555
    Item #: SRD939055
    This product is a special order