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~ Piromedia

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Of all the bands with a name starting with the letter P, Piromedia is in a remarkable class of it's own. Creativity and musicality form the fundamentals that lead to authentic music. Pi (Pien Selleger) and Ro (Ron Sinoo) form a multi-instrumental duo that combines these separate qualities. They express these in various manifestations; as a band Piromedia have been making music since 2008, music in which they transform the different influences into a unique musical concept. The musical world of Pi and Ro is globally bounded by the Equator, the Sahara, Iceland, London and New York. The influences from these locations blend into the music of Piromedia that has it's beginnings in a city where cultural diversity flourishes. It is not by chance that this city is called Rotterdam. This music makes it clear that Rotterdam has transcended it's port romanticism; it is the cosmopolitan Rotterdam that forms a tapestry of different cultures. Pi and Ro echo this fusion: the musical basis is laid with exotic and swirling rhythm patterns that are intertwined by bass and drums. Piromedia blends into a mixed company of bands, the names of which may not begin with a P, where rhythm & bass and groove determine the melody and lyrics. Just think of bands such as LCD Soundsystem, The Rapture, Vive la Fête and Vampire Weekend, but certainly also earlier bands like A Certain Ratio and Dojoji. Within the band Pi and Ro supplement each other from opposite attitudes to life. Pi presents a world that above all is experienced sensually. Her primary instrument, the bass guitar, lays the foundation for music that in essence triggers a physical reaction. Ro is the engaged commentator of the world that through rhythms that are as jumpy as they are eccentric is to be experienced light-heartedly. Behind the music lies a shared worldview of Pi and Ro, and the lyrics disclose some of the emotional world of both, such as in the mantra: 'No replay, no undo'. Life experience, desire and the lack of inhibition of eternal youth go hand in hand: 'Everything I earned decreased in value' and: 'Deep sorrow, I've gone through, Still dreaming about you...' Steering clear of stifling ideology, Piromedia offer a practical solution as an alternative: 'Find new skills, clear away the distance, innovate plug-ins, ignore the madness and try new things'.

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Artist: Piromedia
Title: Byus
Genre: Pop
Release Date: 5/23/2013
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5638136389
UPC: 8715444006472
Item #: 760812X
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