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~ Poostosh

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Product Notes

Poostosh started creating their worlds in 2002. The group was (and is) enchanted by ambient, post-rock and contemporary classic music. It is always within the vigorous and never-ending process of blossoming through improvisation, experiment and spontaneous musicking. English scientists PIANO MAGIC have said about 'Untime' album: '....Has a haunting, childhood nostalgia ambience, should your childhood have been perpetually stuck in Autumn, on your back, in marram grass.' If you like Roedelius, July Skies and Harold Budd you'll find one more warm sanctuary for your soul (+ some light hallucinations) while listening to UNTIME. Some excerpts from reviews: 'Poostosh's Untime is one of those albums that appears out of nowhere but quickly ends up lodging itself determinedly into one's daily listening regiment... Acoustic and electric guitars form the nucleus of the troupe's sound but it's fleshed out by other instruments (melodica, keyboards, flutes, harmonica, percussion) and samples... One of the album's loveliest pieces, 'Then,' is characteristic of the album's tone: initially a brooding ambiance reigns... but the darkness is gradually alleviated by the uplifting wheeze of a melodica and whistling electronic swirls. There's a subtle psychedelic tone to the group's sound but it's primarily experimental folk with a strong atmospheric dimension boosted by contemporary production methods. Though the band's recorded material originates from improvisations, the resultant songs seem far more structured than that working method might suggest, and they manage to sound rustic and traditional but not dated. One final note: Poostosh squeezes eleven songs into thirty-five minutes, with many of them two-minute vignettes, so Untime's over quickly-not a bad thing necessarily and merely one more thing that makes it a release worth recommending'.(Textura) 'As is appearing from another world, the music of Poostosh is far from it's infancy... The Poostosh method of composing and recording leans toward improvisation and spontaneity and they create their tracks in one cut. But this doesn't inhibit the meticulous interweaving present within their compositions: they add effects and new treatments to give the end sound a dreamy, drifting feel... Widely improvised (resulting in a liberating feeling) Poostosh's music never disturbs one's ears - it's always melodic... While travelling through this strange landscape, it's easy to feel the influence of Harold Budd, Penguin Cafe Orchestra, This Mortail Coil and Alexei Rybnikov (Russian cinematographic composer).Undoubtedly, if labels such as Type, Buro or Fonal heard the work of Poostosh, they wouldn't pass them up'.(Sebastien Radiguet, Ondefixe). «Untime» credits: Mikhail Salnikov - mix(1,4,6,7,9,10,11), sounds(1,4,11), vocal(3,4), whistling(3), guitar(4,6,7,8), flutes(5,9), melodica(8), keyboards (10), percussion (11) Andrey Kovalenko - lead guitar(1,4,5,11), guitars(3,8,9), harmonica(3), mix(3,5,8), percussion(5) Andrey Gavriov - guitar(2,10), keyboards(2,8), mix(2) Grigoriy Volobouyev - rhythm guitar(1,11), prepared guitar(6) Andrey Mityayev - live FX(3,11) Mikhail Gomelauri - sounds(5) Egor Andreyev - voices from childhood and now (11) Mastered by Nick Artamonov Produced by Misha Salnikov, except 2 - by Andrey Gavrilov Cover - Kirill Pavlov Thanks to Olga Filippova, Alexander Chervakov, Grigoriy Volobouyev, Andrey Mityayev, Egor Andreev, Mikhail Gomelauri, Boris Kursky, Nick Artamonov, Sergey Karapetyan, Ilya Belyayev, Yulia Kontorova, Alexandra Blagova, Alexei Borisov, Oleg Tarasov and to all parents and friends THIS ALBUM IS DEDICATED TO NICK ARTAMONOV (1956 - 2005)

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    Title: Untime
    Genre: Classical Artists
    Release Date: 11/21/2006
    Label: CD Baby
    Product Type: CD
    Catalog #: 5637435319
    UPC: 634479439391
    Item #: SRD943939
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