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Sirius EP

Sirius EP


~ Project Skyward

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Product Notes

Project Skyward began in 2001 with the completion of the Breakthroughs EP. Breakthroughs had guitar and analogue synth tones which remind you of jet engines and aircraft. The vocals were filled with Ryan's emotional angst and quest for enlightenment. It was a nice start for the band, a breakthrough, but not entirely indicative of where they envision taking the sound. In 2002 the Distant Blue EP was released. Overall the EP took a more ambient mood. Distant Blue showed their ability to write strong melodies in more of a pop direction, while Shine (Interstellar mix) was their first go at electronic breaks and dancey beats. It was aired on college and indie radio and hit number 165 on the earshot charts. In late 2004 the group's first LP Strange Synchronicities was released. The album took the listener on journeys through space and time with warm, spatial guitars which felt something like flying through a supernova, and eventually into more sparse productions which felt like drifting in solitary space. Overall the album flowed gorgeously from start to finish with tracks that ranged from spacey indie pop to more experimental and electronic moodscapes. Strange Synchronicities was co-produced with Joerg Koehler of Malory. The album received a significant amount of airplay, it stayed at number 37 for three weeks straight on the rpm charts, two years later it continues to get airplay. Since then, Project Skyward have been honing their skills composing, in the studio and on stage. They have become a serious and respectable live band who are not only capable of drawing a good audience, but also taking them on an emotional and psychological journey which is unique to their sound. They have incorporated the use of Ableton Live and have learned to mix seamlessly from one track into the next, often by lengthening the tracks or creating interludes, which may or may not be on the albums. They have the charisma and stage presence necessary to move an audience. In the studio they have become solid producers who understand their equipment and how to get their own unique sound out of it. At the guitar, keyboard and vocals they have become masterful with melodies that can wrench your heart and then wash it new again. Parts of the album are a bit more electronic pop, where other parts are more abstract and experimental. It's as if their sound has grown outward in all directions. There is as before the consistent elements of depth and space, textures reminiscent of the sky, and mood-driven melodies, but all of these qualities have been tweaked and refined. Project Skyward have developed a guitar sound which is uniquely their own, using midi controlled rack effects instead of an array of small pedals, they have been able to create special textures which revolutionize the guitars as a seamless part of their electronic soundscape. There are elements of post-shoegaze, or as the group prefers 'stargaze' in the guitar and synth tones, while the beats and bass are inspired by electronica. The melodies and vocals are perhaps more heart-felt and emotional, the lyrics are more inspiring, and the sound effects and drums are clearer and more defined. In June 2006 Project Skyward released the Sirius EP containing four powerful new songs from the coming album, each revealing a different mood or color they intend to explore further on the coming LP. While Project Skyward tune up their second album their friends and fans wait with voiced anticipation.

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    Title: Sirius EP
    Genre: Electronic
    Release Date: 6/20/2006
    Label: CD Baby
    Product Type: CD
    Catalog #: 5637437574
    UPC: 820360120923
    Item #: CDBY012092
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