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Queeny Blast Pop

Queeny Blast Pop


~ Queeny Blast Pop

(Duplicated CD)
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Product Notes

Queeny Blast Pop was considered by many to be L.A.'s most popular band in the early 90's; hailed by the critics, promoters, industry insiders of all shapes and size, and of course Queeny Blast Pop's large fan base from all around the world. Queeny Blast Pop combined the best things about the Beatles, The Ramones, and Cheap Trick, set against a backdrop of street-wise punk that literally borders the limits of passion and excitement. Queeny Blast Pop is about one great song after another - choruses that lodge themselves on the brain and refuse to leave for days. The story of QUEENY BLAST POP starts in Seattle with the local glam gods, TALKS CHEAP. This band released two good demos in the early nineties but later disbanded. Bassist Lesli and guitarist Lil' Dee formed a new band and acquired a vocalist by the name of Travis and a drummer by the name of Kelli. Obviously, last names were not a priority...and thus QUEENY BLAST POP was born! Seattle though was not the place for a an ulta-colorful glam band in the nineties, so Queeny Blast Pop packed up and headed to Los Angeles. In L.A., the band would fit right in as the punk/glam scene was still in effect. However, not all the members of QBP made the trek to L.A. So... QUEENY BLAST POP would replace their drummer with Pepper Sweet and vocalist with Punky Jean and then added a second guitarist, Tazzy. With a complete line-up they went into the studio and recorded their first demo - a low-budget three song sizzler that managed to capture the group's brilliant song instincts and led to nationwide radio airplay for the tracks "I Know What You're Thinkin'", "Forever", and "Somethin' They Don't Know." This was one of those magical moments in the history of glam! Soon after, Tazzy would leave the band and QUEENY BLAST POP was once again a four piece. Where the band reigned supreme was at their live shows -The Queeny Blast Pop Experience was just that - An Experience - conducive for an all-out, over-the-top, in-your-face Power-Pop-Punk-Party. QBP was made for the live stage as was evident by the sellout crowds at clubs like the Roxy, the Whisky, and the Coconut Teaszer and eventually headlining ventures. After a year and a half of performing at L.A.'s sleazy and infamous clubs, the band went into the studio once again. A second three song demo was recorded but would never see the light of day. Lil' Dee would then leave the band to join God Zoo, an excellent GLAM-POP-PUNK band with an alternative edge. Lil Dee would be replaced by Audrey, but so as the story often goes, misery loves company and rock-n-roll can be a dangerous mistress. This eventually led to the changing of the guards - Punky Jean was out and Terri was in as QBP's new front man. Terri held the helm carrying on lead vocal duties, but the landscape of the music scene was rapidly changing...and so were Queeny Blast Pop. They had cut their hair and toned down the glam image and evolved into a punk band. A name change would soon follow ending the reign of the Almighty Queeny Blast Pop and lending way to the bands new project, The Distractions. Queeny Blast Pop was a band that should've hit the Big Time! When Rock City News declares "...should be selling millions!" and The Los Angeles Times proclaims "the worlds next gigantic rock attraction", you know you have something special.

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Artist: Queeny Blast Pop
Title: Queeny Blast Pop
Genre: Rock
Attributes: Duplicated CD
Release Date: 11/12/2013
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5638211335
UPC: 608866398837
Item #: 982146X
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