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Bani Pro 2

Bani Pro 2


~ Rajnarind Kaur

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Product Notes

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!!! To Commemorate the 400th Anniversary of Guru Arjan Dev Ji's Shaheedi, we would like to present: Bani Pro2 The Pronunciation of the Banis The main purpose of the present seva is to help those who do not know how to correctly pronounce Gurbani. Utilising modern technology, a specific portion of a bani can be played and practiced an unlimited number of times. I am sure that Bani Pro will prove to be of immense help to those who are desirous of learning the correct pronunciation of Gurbani and to whom Punjabi is not their native language. Bani Pro2 also includes five banis of the Sikhs. These are Mool Mantar, Shabad Hazaray, Bayntee Chaupa-ee, Anand Sahib and Ardaas. The bani in this Nitnem CD is arranged, so that, one can master a certain pauri/stanza by repeating a specific track. Born and raised in the States, Rajnarind Kaur has traveled extensively both personally and professionally. Her parents provided her the Gurmukhi foundation allowing her to participate in Sehaj Paaths as well as Akhand Paaths from an early age. They supported her love of Kirtan and Seva allowing her to focus and channeling her energy. She is the founder of the RU Sikh Student Association (1992), an organisation dedicated to raising awareness of the Sikh religion on campus and surrounding New Brunswick community. She is the voice behind Bani Pro1 (1999) and Bani Pro2 (2006), CDs to help those who are desirous of learning the correct pronunciation of Gurbani and to whom Punjabi is not their native language. Her latest seva project is the ever popular GurSikh Speed Meeting (2006), where she formalises a meeting process for Gursikh individuals to meet one-on-one and face-to-face. Rajnarind is also involved in a variety of different aspects within the Sikh youth from teaching kirtan, counseling children and parents, speaking at different forums to marketing Sikhi related items and coordinating large scale meetings, events and conferences. With a double major in Economics and Psychology concentrating in Finance, Rajnarind Kaur continues to have an amazing professional career. Upon graduating, she joined J.P. Morgan's prestigious management development program and began her career in the Investment Bank, focusing on Equity Derivatives. She is currently a Vice President at JP MorganChase and offers her time to others critiquing resumes and mock interviewing. Rajnarind Kaur is married to JangPartap Singh and they have two sons, Kabir Singh and Ishar Singh. As a couple, they share the same passion for Sikhi, Seva and Sangat and pray to Waheguru for the strength to raise their family as confident, successful and proud Sikhs.

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Artist: Rajnarind Kaur
Title: Bani Pro 2
Genre: Gospel
Release Date: 6/24/2008
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5637216554
UPC: 634479827693
Item #: CDBY982769
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