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Cryn' Out Loud

Cryn' Out Loud


~ Randy Massey

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Product Notes

So there I was living a quite nondescript life in outer suburbia when the phone rang. It does that occasionally. It was none other than Randy Massey himself. He had just finished his new CD, THEN AND NOW and called to ask if I would assist with his next CD. Hmmm! A no brainer there. Actually working on a real project again is much more satisfying that sharpening your chops to old stacks of wax. Right now we've just finished Cryn' Out Loud Randy's second CD and Randy asked if I might take a shot at trying to sum up what we are about. I'll try anything once. Well almost anything as some are illegal depending on what state you are in. I've known Randy for longer than it's probably healthy to do so and there is a lot of history between us. We both grew up basically in the same town (somewhere in the hinterlands of that eastern Illinois/Wisconsin borderline area. Like so many other musicians we played anywhere that would have us and give us enough money to pay for our equipment, get us a cheeseburger, cigarettes and enough gas to get to the next gig. Well we didn't actually say gig. We called it our job and we were proud of it because having a job playing music for a living was making it for us. We had our share of brushes with greatness and bands that coulda woulda shoulda and were actually on occasion allowed to open up for the big guys, but we always seemed to have something standing in the way of success. We went through more drummers than Spinal Tap. You name it collapsed lungs here, bleeding hands there, guitar players that just couldn't seem to leave that volume knob alone and Robert Plant wanna be types who demanded the star status without the star voice without enough courtesy to spring for their own microphone. Anyone who's been around in this business long enough knows this whole story but that is what Randy and I lived until we finally gave up the touring and went on to different things. Like a lot of things though different things can be tedious. Like sixty plus hour work weeks as indentured slaves for a companies that really don't care if you do your job or someone else does it.Yeah, I know it's that way everywhere but the point is that for Randy and I music that was still in our veins and since our jobs were what they were and the only people we could count on was us we decided to go back to what we do best. Play music! Randy and I are in this for the pure unadulterated love of music. We don't care about our hair or writing songs with the intention of being nominated for a Grammy. That's just not what it's about for us (although it is nice to get a paycheck) and thanks to Randy's fans we will be doing yet another CD after this one is finished. I know Randy deeply appreciates the fact that his fans have supported him in doing what he loves and that goes double for me. It's hard to explain how great it is to live a dream again. Randy and I are going to hang around for awhile and play for you. We invite you to listen and if you enjoy any part of what we are doing that IS what does it for us. Feel free to write and drop us a line. We don't mind the criticism. We've both had jobs. We're used to it! Goodbye for now and thanks, Chip Muellemann I have found myself with 'Cryn'Out Loud' to be lifted to many different levels. With the help of my life long friend, Chip Muellemann, the new project has been a true direction to release the emotions that have set themselves apart from anything I have ever done. Chip has been co-writing and doing the Bass with Me and the results of having us together again has proven to be a chemistry that has been a musical journey for the both of us. 'Cryn'Out Loud' will be the first of many for us, and if you are looking for something different that will bring your emotions to a new level, try this CD. Thanks to all of you. Randy Massey Please feel free to email us for any information you may need. We would love to hear from you. Chip Muellemann Randy Massey

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    Title: Cryn' Out Loud
    Genre: Rock
    Release Date: 7/11/2006
    Label: CD Baby
    Product Type: CD
    Catalog #: 5637441932
    UPC: 826460026400
    Item #: SRD002640
    This product is a special order