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True to the Name

True to the Name


~ Relentless Assassin

(Duplicated CD)
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Product Notes

Raheem H. Gambrell was born & raised in Philadelphia in the north Philly section of the city. Raheem always been very artistic since a child and excelled in art (drawing, painting, & dressing). However the rough streets of Philly kept bringing troubles his way until his mother (Doris Whitehead) had to send him to Chesapeake VA to live & grow into a man with his father (James Gambrell). In VA Raheem continued to do great in art & also learned a lot about music. Graduating as an honor student he chose the art institute of Philadelphia to continue his studies. Yet again the streets of Philly got a hold of him and incarceration took 2 years away.... But that ultimately was the thing that saved his life.... Enters Relentless Assassin.. Could of just givin up but didn't. Found his way to LA (North Hollywood) to pursue more with his rap career. But as usual it didn't go as expected. He figured he would gather himself and ventured to Phoenix AZ to Polish his skills & get a couple more shows under his belt. After opening up for a couple of big names. He tried his hand in LA again. Things went well for him, droppin his 1st mix tape (Pickin Up Momentum) good album but lacked a big enough fan base... Now he's on a mission to capture the things holding him back...Chapter 7: Mission Reno Nevada...... To be continued...... REVIEWS: 'I can't seem to listen to anything but this album since buying it! 'City Life' is amazing and I can't take it off repeat! RA gives you a gentle balance throughout the album touching on all positive emotions making you feel strong and motivated after listening to it! #FanForLife' --Corrina Pardini Reno, NV 'Relentless Assassin's new album True To The Name is such an epic CD. All original sound and lyrics with so much diversity. He speaks on real life issues and lifts people up to do better. It's motivating music that makes me feel alive and proud to be on the same team. All his music is consistently amazing!' --Jules Robins Reno, NV 'Relentless Assassin's new album 'True To The Name' is fun, fast paced, & enticing. Definitely leaves you wanting more!' --Britt Straw Reno, NV 'I think any one can enjoy this CD and find a release through a few of the songs on the album. I love the beats and how the album has some mellow tune. I think everyone should give it a chance because I guarantee you will love it' --Casey Cozby Reno, NV 'Relentless Assassin is a one of a kind musician. He has dope beats and a real, positive message to deliver to people through his music. I love it!' -Shelley Doninger Reno, NV.

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Artist: Relentless Assassin
Title: True to the Name
Genre: New Age
Attributes: Duplicated CD
Release Date: 4/18/2014
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5638275843
UPC: 888295084673
Item #: 1165626X
This product is a special order