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Duncannon Shenanigan

Duncannon Shenanigan


~ The Renegades

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Product Notes

"Duncannon Shenanigan" (2007) is the most recent recording from Chicago-based fusion group, THE RENEGADES. As per usual, complex harmony & arrangements, odd time-signatures, virtuosity, and improvisation are utilized to help create a distinguishable, high-energy sound. This particular record goes one step further via the introduction of the "mini-kit" -- an undersized set of drums and cymbals -- played simply, recorded dryly, and ultimately saturated with effects to produce the illusion of an electronic drum loop, as played by human hands. The "mini-kit" appears in a variety of guises on tracks 2, 4, 7, 8, and 11. The musicians appearing on the album are the usual trio of PAUL MUTZABAUGH (keyboards, 12-string acoustic guitar, percussion), FRANK ALONGI (drums, mini-kit, percussion), and JON WEGGE (electric and acoustic basses). They are joined by guitarists JEREMY BIEBER (tracks 5, 6, 9, 10) and CHRIS SIEBOLD (tracks 3, 8, 12). All compositions are by Paul Mutzabaugh, with the exception of track 3, by Jon Wegge. All major tracking and editing was done at Long Division Studios (Chicago, IL), engineered by ALEX HALL, dedicated and enthusiastic friend of the group. Additional recording was done by JOSH RICHTER at Victorian Recording (Barrington, IL) and JON WEGGE at Unmutual Studios (Morton, IL). The record was mixed by ALEX HALL and PAUL MUTZABAUGH at Long Division Studios, and mastered by BRIAN SCHWAB at Curried Bagel Studios (Chicago, IL). Produced by PAUL MUTZABAUGH, with the assistance of his brother, TIM MUTZABAUGH, "Duncannon Shenanigan" offers a wide range of fusion music for listeners of various tastes to enjoy. Please feel free to listen to the sound clips and purchase a CD, if you are so inclined. Your support is greatly appreciated. --------------- The following records have had significant impacts on The Renegades' music and are certainly worth a listen: KICK THE CAT - "weirdo", "scramble" ALLAN HOLDSWORTH - "the 16 men of tain", "road games", "i.o.u.", "wardenclyffe tower", "secrets", "hard hat area" SUSAN WEINERT - "crunch time", "running out of time" WAYNE KRANTZ - "2 drink minimum" PAT MARTINO - "joyous lake" KURT ROSENWINKEL - "the enemies of energy" TONY WILLIAMS LIFETIME - "believe it" RETURN TO FOREVER - "light as a feather" SEAMUS BLAKE - "stranger things have happened" BRAD MEHLDAU - "places"

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Artist: The Renegades
Title: Duncannon Shenanigan
Genre: Jazz
Release Date: 7/30/2007
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 10137181
UPC: 837101371810
Item #: SRD137181


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