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Natchez Trace Waltz

Natchez Trace Waltz


~ Robert Nakamoto Band

(Professionally Duplicated CD)
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Product Notes

Original Americana songs recorded in rural Tennessee by the Robert Nakamoto Band at Troutner Music in Centerville, Tennessee. Music is often a case of one man's trash is another man's treasure and vice versa, but hopefully some of you (and many others) will like it. It features original compositions written by Robert S. Nakamoto and one song co-written by Robert Nakamoto and Elizabeth Ann Cates. We used a U.S. made Fender Stratocaster, a U.S. made Telecaster, a U.S. made Fender bass, and U.S. Martins on the recording. Even though we aren't exceptionally good on our guitar work, the guitars helped us sound better. The Songs: 1) When? A rockabilly/blues type song using both electric and acoustic guitars and featuring a neat bass line and catchy introduction. 2) Dark Was the Day A song written in Iraq about a soldier whose wife leaves him for another man while he's overseas. Thought that you might appreciate the history of the song 'Dark Was the Day'. It was written in Iraq in 2005. I was talking to a father whose son was also serving. I asked him how he was doing. He replied, 'I'm trying to round up enough money to buy my son a car when he gets back.' I was dismayed and baffled as his son was making a six figure income. I asked what had happened. 'His wife left him for another man and cleaned out the house, bank accounts, and took the children. He's going back to nothing.' The electric guitar, which is breaking some 'song rules' for instruments, is meant to reflect the tortured nature of what's going on. Once it starts with the drums, it never stops. This was a heart-breaking thing to witness. It happened to several of the men on the deployement. We may sometimes walk through dark valleys at times. Friends can make a big difference about making sure friends don't perish in those valleys. There is light at the end of the tunnel. 'This too shall pass.' Please keep our military, and their families, in your prayers! 3) Natchez Trace Waltz An instrumental waltz suitable for dancing to. 4) Love is Something, A reflective song cautioning not to throw away family or friends or relationships in one's quest to be happier. Love is something that you should not throw away. Pride is something that we all battle. Do not let pride be important than the people in your life. 5) Faith of a Child A song about a grandfather's impact on his grandchild. Sometimes our children have more faith then we do. Sometimes they see or realize things adult eyes just seem to miss. My grandparents had a big impact on my life. Yours probably did also. 6) We're Sleeping in the Snow This song was written in a Scottish music workshop at the Musical Heritage Center in Pegram, Tennessee. It is a property tax song, written in the Scottish tradition, about an elderly couple who after a lifetime of hard work and losing their sons in a war, cannot pay their taxes. Taxes that make our elderly citizens destitute need to be repealed. 7) Northern Boy & Southern Girl A bluegrass love song on marriage and family. It features some neat fiddle lines. Randy Roberts played the lead guitar and lead mandolin on this song and did a neat background vocal on this song. 8) I Will Stand By My Saviour A rockabilly type gospel song about standing with God even when bad or strange things happen. Robert and Luke sang this as a duet. Faith, even when facing long odds, is always vital. 9) My Summer's Bride A love song about marriage looking back after decades of marriage. Even though we are older we still love each other more than when we first married. My wife Sherri sang the background vocal on this song. 10) Natchez Trace Waltz, No Percussion A slightly quiter version of #3 with no percussion. Credits: Robert S. Nakamoto: Vocals, lead and rhythm guitar, mandolin, bass, fiddle, and strings Sherri E. Nakamoto: Background vocals Luke, William, and Adam Nakamoto: Background vocals, guitars Rex North: Bass Randy Roberts: Special guest musician: Lead guitar & mandolin, background vocal, on 'Northern Boy & Southern Girl' Greg Frye: Drums (except for #1) Jim Troutner: Piano, Strings, background vocal on "Northern Boy & Southern Girl" All songs by R.S. Nakamoto except "Faith of a Child" by Elizabeth Ann Cates & R.S. Nakamoto. Produced by R. S. Nakamoto. Recorded at Troutner Music in Centerville, Tennessee Copyright, R.S. Nakamoto, 2014.

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Artist: Robert Nakamoto Band
Title: Natchez Trace Waltz
Genre: Rock
Attributes: Professionally Duplicated CD
Release Date: 5/30/2014
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5638296077
UPC: 888174823102
Item #: 1224657X
This product is a special order