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Scrap Book Ballads 1 [Import]

Scrap Book Ballads 1 [Import]


~ Selby Robert James

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Product Notes

Robert James Selby has the kind of voice that both comforts and excites. You get the feeling you're listening to something important and even better than that; you feel included. Lucie barat ..little episodes "Robert James Selby, a man with an Orwellian heart and an Oscar Wilde esque tongue. These comparisons may conjure up a quintessential gentleman born in the wrong era, but his music has a moden twist. Ever present witty and erudite lyrics that make even the most mundane and humdrum activities seem beautiful and gracious. Romantic and hedonistic, armed with his trusty acoustic guitar his timeless music needs to be heard, either at a debauched live gig or on your own, accompanied with a bottle of whiskey and a sense of desolation. "Matt Barnes ...roundhouse radio ROBERY JAMES SELBY A bard with a heart, Robert Selby resurrects England's lost folk tales in solo song, as he previously did with his band the Penny Ballads. His songs are Coleridge tales brought to life, Yeats poems re-enacted, his phrasing up akin to his inspirations: Dylan, Young, Reed and the rest, but his attitude chiming in with that of the post-Libertine generation. A travelling troubadour for the 21st Century. Authentically counter-culture in an age of Starbucks-sponsored songwriter mediocrity. "One of the most charismatic strolling minstrels on the London scene, Robert Selby possesses both a visual and aural magnetism that is seldom encountered these days. Filling the void between Dylan and a Hampton Court balladeer, his words speak of a hundred lives crammed into an as yet unfinished one complemented with fantastic melodies. This unhinged troubadour possesses something special indeed." zachery stephenson......special needs "If one man could best express our generation's mal du siecle, our nostalgias and our hallucinations, it would be Robert James Selby. The encapsulating lyricist has been taking the post-bohemian, reverently romantic London scene by storm. Amidst the chaos of his intemperance lies the almost reticent and modest beauty of his music: a touching, melodic malady of life, love, death and everything in between". gigwise Another of our favorites is Robert James Selby, he's got poetry in his nature and it comes out in his music and performances. He's always got a big following with him and he's a Gold Bug regular so come down and check him out. Adam Masterson..... musician and promoter of Gold Bug Scrap-book vol. 1 is a ....

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Artist: Selby Robert James
Title: Scrap Book Ballads 1 [Import]
Genre: Folk
Release Date: 11/13/2012
Label: Ais
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 6748207
UPC: 885767482074
Item #: 384007X
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