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By Popular Demand

By Popular Demand


~ Seamus Kennedy

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Seamus Kennedy, originally from Belfast, Northern Ireland, has been entertaining audiences all over the United States for the past 27 years. With a ready wit and a vast store of songs, he travels from Alaska to Florida, Maryland to California, performing for audiences which range from Popes and presidents to bartenders and bricklayers, from college students to kindergartners. 'In every dealing that I have had with Mr. Kennedy, he has been indeed fabulous. My highest recommendation is provided.' ~ Kim Gardner, U.S. Army War College, Carlisle, PA In concert or festival, in pub or club, in colleges or high schools, Seamus Kennedy has the repertoire and the ability to make folks forget their cares for a while, to relax and enjoy themselves. He encourages the crowd to sing along to silly lyrics and daft ditties or act out the choruses of children's songs. When he plays a lively Irish jig or a reel, Seamus will often coax someone to jump up and dance to the music of his guitar or bodhrán - to the delight - and often amazement - of their friends. His audience participation songs and tongue-twisters have amused the ablest of participants and the nimblest of tongues. 'His rapport with the crowd provides entertainment above and beyond that of a normal singer.' ~ Irish Insider, Rochester, NY Seamus has an endless supply of rib-tickling jokes, stories and one liners which can leave an audience breathless from laughing so hard. Many a crowd has gone home from one of his shows giggling to one another, 'Do you remember the one about...?' (Ask him to do the routine about Moms And Kids, the Nuns, or Murphy and the Snails.). 'When he sang 'The Town I Love So Well', he owned everybody in the room.' ~ Tony Hynes, Fir Dóiteán But the Irish have their serious side too, and when Seamus performs one of the more somber ballads such as Tommy Sands' 'There Were Roses' or Pete St. John's 'Dublin In The Rare Old Times' you can hear a pin drop as the words sink in. That moment of silence before the applause can raise goosebumps. Seamus' greatest influences have been the Clancy Brothers & Tommy Makem, the Dubliners' Luke Kelly, and the Irish Rovers, so it is no surprise to find many songs that they made famous, such as 'The Wild Colonial Boy', 'The Wild Rover,' or 'The Black Velvet Band' in his performance. So come and enjoy the music and mirth of one of Ireland's most popular exports - Seamus Kennedy! Representation: Noteworthy Productions Tour Schedule: Musi-Cal Reviews: and

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Artist: Seamus Kennedy
Title: By Popular Demand
Genre: Folk
Release Date: 9/9/2005
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 47917961
UPC: 634479179617
Item #: SRD917961


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