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Leaping Falling Crashing

Leaping Falling Crashing


~ Set, Rendezvous! Ready

(Duplicated CD)
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Product Notes

Ready, Set, Rendezvous! Is a three-piece band of 18 year-olds from Livonia, MI. From what started as a joke band called 'monsterburp.', the trio moved on and matured over time developing their own sound relatively quickly, while taking in a large variety of influences and giving their own twist to 'Pop Punk'. After about 2 years of being together and playing shows around Michigan, the band put together their 6 song EP, 'Energy Drinks & Innuendos' (recorded at Minx Recording Studio in Farmington Hills, MI). They released the EP on February 12, 2012. Following the release of the EP, Ready, Set, Rendezvous! Began recording their very first full-length record. The original EP was a collection of songs written by the band members at ages 14-16, and while they are still proud of the record, they view it as only the beginning of their band. The songs written and recorded for the first full-length album are viewed by the band as far more mature sounding, and fully-realized songs. The band spent a full year recording their first full-length album after releasing 'Energy Drinks & Innuendos'. Their first full-length record entitled 'Leaping, Falling, Crashing' was recorded once again at Minx Recording Studio in both the studio's original location and it's new location (Farmington Hills, MI and Toledo, OH respectively) with producer Mat Halliday. Leaping, Falling, Crashing's sound is hard to describe in few words because it is basically a collection of the band members' favorite aspects of their very diverse favorite bands, all rolled into one. The easiest way to describe it's sound, is to simply say that the album sounds like Ready, Set, Rendezvous!. The album truly is what defines Ready, Set, Rendezvous!'s sound. From dual lead vocalists reminiscent of Tom Delonge & Mark Hoppus of blink-182, lush instrumental sections that seem to keep building & building, to dozens of carefully maneuvered tempo changes, and honest lyrical themes almost everyone can relate to, like growing up, dealing with the stress of adolescence, maturing, and losing & failing, without getting into cliche guy-loves-a-girl songs.

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Artist: Set, Rendezvous! Ready
Title: Leaping Falling Crashing
Genre: Rock
Attributes: Duplicated CD
Release Date: 10/6/2013
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5638171997
UPC: 884501970051
Item #: 873157X
This product is a special order