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The Turning of Clocks

The Turning of Clocks


~ Shaun Cromwell

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Product Notes

Recorded with one microphone, a beat-up guitar and many short sessions over a period of several months, Shaun Cromwell's first release entitled "The Turning Of Clocks" is a meditation on death and impermanence. A quote from the album's liner notes explains, in one broad stroke, the album's concept. "...a person who is mindful of death and impermanence progresses steadily and makes the most of every precious moment". Lama Atisha (982-1054 CE) While this might seem a fairly pedantic approach, Shaun sees the contemplation of life's finite nature as largely pragmatic. "All spiritual and philosophical stuff aside, recognizing and accepting that you will die is a very practical way of loving the hell out of your life and trying to fit all that you can into that life. It's what makes it possible to even consider writing music. That's why I wanted this to be the underlying theme of the album; it's not to be morbid, or profound, it's, hopefully, very simple and optimistic maybe even uplifting at times" In fact, each of the 11 tracks on the album is decidedly uplifting; Shaun's deftly unique approach to roots-based fingerstyle guitar and his rarefied soulful voice make sure of that. Shaun's interpretations of existing material are fresh and inspired; both his bluegrass tinged take on "John Hardy" and his jauntingly vibrant version of Mississippi John Hurt's "Let The Mermaids Flirt With Me" serve as a testament to his love and knowledge of American Roots music. His original compositions, including two instrumental guitar rags, a murder ballad, and a slide guitar narrative are flowing & memorable. The album's sparse production and stripped down approach make for an authentic presentation of Shaun's music. The recordings are quite literally what you would experience were you in the room with him.

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    Title: The Turning of Clocks
    Genre: Folk
    Release Date: 5/24/2007
    Label: CD Baby
    Product Type: CD
    Catalog #: 10134241
    UPC: 837101342414
    Item #: CDBY134241