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Songs of Brian D

Songs of Brian D


~ Brian D

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Product Notes

Hi to everyone Instead of writing what I think of my music, I've decided to call on the listeners point of view, regardless of who they are no words have been put into their mouths by me, but only from their reaction to listening to my music. Many thanks Brian D "A unique amalgam of songs from this very imaginative singer/songwriter. The words come from the heart and soul and the listener can place him/herself in the song and be taken into another world for a few minutes. From the melancholy but beautiful 'Lovers' to the upbeat, foot tapping 'Reggae Man' you can hear how talented the writer is. He can turn his hand, or should I say pen, to suit any listener's taste in music". Lyn Rennick Aunt ******************* Hi Brian At last or be it 4 months later, here's my review on your album track by track Reggaeman '' basically a good song with a very catchy line right through, while this live version breaks you into the tune, I prefer the single version at the end of the CD King of the Fools '' very angst ridden! But while it is quite raw, I do like it. Takes a while to grow, as does your style of singing, but that's a good thing. Your voice is much more gravely than I was expecting! But it suits the music that is very honest and "from the gut" Lovers '' this is a winner either pop or country a classic down to earth love song So you think you're the only one '' I like this one! It's gutsy and full of feeling without being difficult to listen to. Your music is challenging, you know because it cuts close to the bone for anyone who will really listen to it and to what you're saying. Burning for your love '' very good rhythm indeed. A sort of 80's American soft rock feel, which I really like. Probably my favourite on the CD. Excellent guitar work. Actually this one Brian would be my choice of single, even though it's a little retro in style. She's the one '' quite good here too. Sort of flower power type vibe. Your voice suits this and the vocal harmony in the chorus is well worked out . I know how you feel '' fabulous guitar intro though I think the lyrics are a little too heavy for such an upbeat melody. Steel wheels '' excellent start. This is the stuff you do best, again a sort of American 80's feel to it, but a lot earthier, very good chorus indeed, especially the deep gravely way you sing the words Steel wheels. Perhaps my second favourite, yeah the chorus is deadly. The winds of Sligo '' it's a very good song Brian, but it doesn't belong to this collection it's a totally different style, but very good in it's class. Reggaeman single version '' this does the song justice cause it is a good song, I'm sure it would go down well among London ethnic groups. So well done Brian, it was a very pleasant surprise especially Burning for your love and Steel wheels, to my mind that's what you do best. Thank you for the gift of the CD. It was a pleasure to review it for you Sean.

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Artist: Brian D
Title: Songs of Brian D
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 12/13/2005
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5637234168
UPC: 634479221606
Item #: SRD922160
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