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Stereo Atypical

Stereo Atypical


~ Statx

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Product Notes

Stereo Atypical is the debut album from Austin, Texas multi-instrumentalist and producer, Statx (Pronounced Stat-icks). The album is based on hip-hop instrumentals, but includes elements of jazz, orchestra, funk, electronica and more. Statx also uses vocal samples and creates skits from voicemails and other found dialogue to breakup the music, give movement and add character to the album. All instruments were played and recorded by Statx, who also produced and mixed the album. The album was mastered by Pete Johnson of Woodford Mastering in Austin, Texas and the artwork was done by Matt Mills of Suspiciously Colorful Gorilla. 'Sounds like aliens playing funk music while Jimi Hendrix makes love to a drum machine.' - Random hippie in south Austin. Bio: Steve Homan, born August 23, 1981, better known by his producer name Statx (pronounced Stat-icks), is an American independent recording artist, record producer and multi-instrumentalist from Austin, Texas. He is the founder and owner of the Statx Entertainment record label. The pseudonym "Statx" is a combination of "St" from Steve and "atx", which is an abbreviation for Austin, Texas. Steve was encouraged to play music at an early age. His first guitar was given to him on Christmas when he was 3 years old and he started playing percussion for the school band in the 6th grade. On weekends his mother would take him to blues and rock concerts and to various music festivals in Austin, which had a great impact on his early musical taste. He pieced his first drum set together throughout his junior high years and continued playing percussion for the school band into his high school years. He was also a drummer in several garage rock bands throughout junior high and high school. It was around this time that he developed an interest in other genres, such as heavy metal, funk, reggae, jazz, soul, hip-hop and electronica. All of these genres would later play a roll in his unique production style. Shortly after high school, Steve started making beats and composing various song ideas using a small midi keyboard and a computer with a single microphone input. It was during this time that he started learning music production and added turntablism to his repertoire, but it wasn't until 10 years and several bands later that he founded his own label, Statx Entertainment, as an outlet for all of the music that he had been recording on the side. Along with founding his own label, Steve started reaching out to local artists and began working with other talent out of his home studio. It wasn't long until he hooked up with local rapper Ricardo Torres, who introduced him to Americo Avila, a.k.a. Prophetski. He began releasing his works by recording their vocals over his instrumentals and publishing them on the internet for free. His discography as of today: -Ski Interlude (Single) from "Off The Record Mixtape Vol. 1" by Nox & Ski (2011). -Favorite Things & Prophetski's Interlude (Singles) from 'Como Mantequilla' by Prophetski (2011). -Fabrika De Hip-Hop (Single) from the self titled album 'Fabrika De Hip-Hop" (2012), by Prophetski and Checho, a.k.a. Rhymeser. -The #Trillmatic EP by Prophetski (2013) -Hip-Hopnotic (Single) by Statx (2014) -His first official release, titled "Stereo Atypical", was released on May 15th, 2014. In addition to working on his future releases, he currently works as an independent record producer and audio engineer in Austin, Texas.

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Artist: Statx
Title: Stereo Atypical
Genre: Dance
Release Date: 5/13/2014
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5638244149
UPC: 888174575766
Item #: 1181230X
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