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Gospel at It's Best

Gospel at It's Best


~ Stella Bobian

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Product Notes

Hello! Did I hear you say that you enjoyed GOOD gospel music? Well you've clicked onto the right artist Ms. Stella Bobian and the CD, GOSPEL AT IT'S BEST. This CD has truly captured Gospel singing at it's very best. This amazing contralto, Stella Bobian began her singing career at the age of nine, at a church program. The audience was held spellbound. She teamed with the brilliant musical arrangements from the gifted Mr. Lenis Guess of Guess Records, New York City. Stella graciously opens with 'Precious Lord', a song that symbolizes the weakness of saints, and their total dependence upon their creator. The saints willingly submit to this actual state of affairs. She then cruises into the lyrics of 'Amazing Grace (My song of praise) as she move into a continuance of praise to our creator. 'Never grow old' describes things that we can expect in that land as a result from remaining steadfast in the lord, one of them we shall NEVER GROW OLD! Now that should be an incentive inspiration, wouldn't you agree? 'Lord don't move my Mountain' asks that the creator allow challengers, as we depend upon him for victory, thereby glorifying his name. 'One day at a time' again acknowledges our dependence and it continually asks for guidance, one day at a time. Ms. Bobian's version of' Peace in the Valley' is like none you've ever heard! As she sings it you can visualize the peace, it's peaceful to hear! 'His eye on the sparrow' is a favorite of many gospel fans, as well as gospel singers- do hear this version, and know that Jesus, a constant friend is he, his eye IS on the sparrow, so then you KNOW he watches ME. (You). 'I go to the Rock' helps us, and directs us as to who to turn to when we face challengers. Jesus is that rock. 'What is this?' asks the question that is known to saints. What one feels as a result of salvation? As usual even good things end, as it is also with this lovely CD she ends with 'Through the years'- which describes the position of saints, as they await the coming of Jesus, and asking that when the gates swing open, LET ME IN! Thank you for visiting, our prayers is that everyone who listens will be blessed. Do enjoy, and humbly receive God's blessing. The love of God surrounds you. Peace.

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Artist: Stella Bobian
Title: Gospel at It's Best
Genre: Gospel
Release Date: 1/28/2003
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5637229594
UPC: 634479087264
Item #: SRD908726


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