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Christmas from the Heart

Christmas from the Heart


~ Steven Bouverette

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Product Notes

Steve and Karen Bouverette have been making music together for over 20 years. They discovered a unique quality to the blend of their voices when they sang together as teenagers and have been producing warm, melodious harmonies ever since. Both Steve and Karen were raised in a friendly, rural area in Michigan and their music reflects that down-home, get-to-the-point attitude. Their CD "Christmas From The Heart" is just that â?? their personal joys and wonders of the Christmas season that they've experienced with family and friends. One of their basic philosophies is that "there can never be too much Christmas music" and it felt like time to write some new songs to blend with the traditional. The songs they have produced come from a deep love and respect for the Christmas Spirit and the overwhelming need to see people everywhere drink in the peace of that season. The Bouverettes have made music a family tradition at their home. All four of their children have played instruments, sang, marched and giggled through performances with their parents since they were old enough to hold a microphone. The tradition continues in "Christmas From the Heart" with youngest son Andrew helping with percussion and granddaughter Hunter hamming it up with Grandpa Steve on the cover. The story behind the CD cover still makes Steve and Karen chuckle. Christmas albums aren't always produced at Christmas and this one was being finished up in August. To get the photo for the cover, the family hauled the Christmas tree and decorations out of the basement, set it up on a humid, 85-degree day and dressed Hunter up in a wintry fleece outfit. Out of dozens of pictures, numerous Christmas bulbs broken by inquisitive baby fingers, sweat by the gallons and the boisterous family pooch, Karen finally snapped a picture that they all liked and the CD cover was born. Music comes from the soul and is shared by people around the world as a universal language. Steve and Karen are hoping "Christmas From The Heart" will give you hours of peace, love and joy to share with your family and friends. Thank you so much for visiting their web page and giving them a chance do what they love â?? Sing!

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Artist: Steven Bouverette
Title: Christmas from the Heart
Genre: Folk
Release Date: 11/5/2002
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5637231825
UPC: 659057364025
Item #: CDBY736402
This product is a special order