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Electric Valley

Electric Valley


~ Stone Soul Foundation

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Review By Cross Roads Music Magazine Hot Damn, we've hit a speed bump in the tunnels of time and got stuck inside a bong! SSF has to be the most authentic stoner metal band since Trouble or St. Vitus, right down to the bellbottoms and pilgrims hat. Easily digestible for older burners who already took the trip as well as those ready to blast off, this doob-burning magnum opus puts 13 choice cuts into your bowl. This had better be on vinyl. It's like The Sword are humping Nazareth's leg while on DMT. Solos, righteous vocals, whah-abuse and probably some other flavors too. I would recommend this album to all of you who wish to make your girlfriends clothes fall off. Very high grade. Check out "Christian", "Window" and "I, Master " By Jeff Barnes for Electric Valley, the third release from Stone Soul Foundation, delivers first class hard driving blues groove riff-heavy rock with the vocals to match. These are the kind of songs you want to hear on your city's rock station. If you like bands such as Godsmack, Black Sabbath, Alice In Chains, or Guns N Roses you will like Stone Soul Foundation. SSF has their own sound and style that will fit very well next to the aforementioned bands in your CD/MP3 collection. The opening track Sidewalker is a fast bluesy rocker and the second track Christian, a scathing social critique, is a hooky mid-tempo grind akin to Pantera or Sabbath. The title track Electric Valley is a funky rocker that may remind the listener of Thin Lizzy's Johnny the Fox Meets Jimmy the Weed with some southern rock flavor as well. Track 4, Ain't No Mystery is another great up tempo rock anthem and track 5, A Song About You, slows it down and grinds it out. Track 6, Window, changes gears to a slow rock ballad that shows off the exceptional vocals of Sean Muldoon as well as the writing of guitarist Jeff Wiggins. Electric Valley maintains it's energy for tracks Mountain Of Time, Next Flight, and Gonna Try, slows down for They Are Me, then jumps back to full power for the final track I Master, another great rock hippie anthem. If you like the genres of hard rock, southern rock, stoner/hippie rock, and/or heavy groove rock, you will want to own Stone Soul Foundation's latest CD Electric Valley. Review By Gabriel for Aristcrazia Italian Webzine The Stone Soul Foundation have been around for almost a decade, probably at home in the States, will also have a good following, but it is my first run into 'Electric Valley' had never heard of sin, I was missing a very good band. This second disc of the formation of Syracuse arrives at a distance of five years from the publication of the debut 'Into The Flames', the biography speaks of five musicians who have a wide range of influences that in fact this is seen in the eleven tracks (most two 'radio edit' of the fifth and eleventh song) that draw from acts such as Black Sabbath, BLS, Alice In Chains (among many), in addition to feel comfortable exploring the area hard rock / funk classic and do not necessarily conditioned and packaged in dark shade. The sound is engaging, have created a pretty explosive mixture, there are overwhelming the pieces for a lively look that characterizes them ('Side Walker', 'Electric Valley,' 'Is not No Mystery,' 'Mountain Of Time'), songs that gap in the radio circuit for the chorus that gets in the head ('Christian' that carry the words, then a picture is not so far from a reality that applies to many 'followers' of this style of thinking: 'You Call Yourself a Christian, yet 'you're quick to judge. You call yourself a Christian, you still hold a grudge. Yo call yourself a Christian, you boast of your faith. Hypocrisy in the name of the holy ghost '), usability Mixed aggressive charge ('Song About You' and 'Gonna Try') and the ability to touch the strings of the listener most emotionally sweet ('Window' and 'They Are', the second is pleasant to hear the organ lines offered by Josh Sularski). It 's a strong proof how sweet, compositionally elegant but not 'prissy' in the way, the tracks more often enriched by the work of the two six-string solo by Jeff Wiggins and Dan Dennis, also in good shape the frames and showing a riffing rich in many aspects and facets of the creature Stone Soul Foundation, the listener knows pander. The performance behind the microphone Sean Muldoon, in some predicaments as Ozzy oriented (if it perceives as an example in saying 'leave it all behind' at the end of the chorus of 'Next Flight' you would need to turn to a trusted ENT), in other rimembrante albeit distantly Layne Staley (and I must say with all sincerity that one or two names despite having listened to repeat the disc still escape me), is one that you remember because the guy is not a clone or a living of reflected light, avoid forcing the use of derivatives as a fulcrum, the lines have expressed a feeling of personal and you will follow him on more than one occasion. Helped by a rhythmic base provided efficiently and present by Shane Stillman Paradise on drums and Doug on bass, fitting and follow the evolution of the songs impeccably handing their dynamics in support of the guitars, and a job done with the mixer the trappings owed by Mr. Alex Perialas (Overkill 'Feel The Fire' with Anthrax 'Spreading The Disease' and SOD for 'Speak Inglese Or Die' and a 'New Order' Testament among many of you say anything?), the framework put in an album by the values ??above the vulgar media as 'Electric Valley' is complete. Do you want to escape and you are missing the key to do this? Inserted into the reader's Stone Soul Foundation and leave behind the various paranoid, a little 'good music always has a positive effect on mood. BIO STONE SOUL FOUNDATION was formed in 2002. The Blues influenced hard rock band is based in the city of Auburn, which is located in the CNY area. Stone Soul Foundation's writing style consists of pumped up and crunched out guitar work, complete with piercing guitar solos, courtesy of Jeff Wiggins. SSF's guitar sound is also quite often melodic, bouncy, and drenched in a blues flow. The rhythm section is solid and pronounced. Shane Stillman attacks the drums with unforgiving might, though he easily switches to a more intricately laidback style when it is called for. Doug Paradise lays down a warm, rolling and pulsating bass guitar to which all other instruments lovingly adhere. Lead singer Sean Muldoon approaches the songs with equal parts raw aggression and a polished yet soulful flow. Stone Soul Foundation has been compared to bands such as Black Sabbath, Clutch, Grand Funk Railroad, Queen's Of The Stone Age, Cream, Bad Company, Metallica, and even The Red Hot Chili Peppers. After eight years the members feel that Stone Soul Foundation has become a living and breathing entity. The presence of the life and energy that is Stone Soul Foundation can be felt and experienced at their live shows and on their recordings. To date, STONE SOUL FOUNDATION has released four recordings. The first three have helped the band achieve success on many levels ranging from abundant radio airplay on college and commercial radio to winning awards recognizing their skills as recording artists. However their most recent release "Electric Valley" possesses the strength to elevate the band to the highest levels of success. "Electric Valley" contains a powerhouse of energy for both the band and the listener to jack into at will. There is no mistaking that the energy is vibrant and alive upon listening to the first track "Sidewalker", a song that wastes no time taking the listener off of their feet and hurling them into a sonic frenzy. There are many different moods which are interwoven throughout the album. Musically, the riffs are similar to a rollercoaster ride in that they chug, climb, ascend, descend and corkscrew down the line while maintaining great intensity along the way. Muscular crunch gives way to funky blues boogie. Ethereal balladry swells into a powerfully moving chorus in the song "Window". The lyrics range from the affirmations of one's belief in oneself such as, "Gonna Try" and "I Master" to the scathing criticism of "Christian" and "Song About You". For example, the latter track includes the line, "I don't think it's fair that I have to share the air with you!" Amazingly in a world of Digital Grid Robot Rock Stone Soul Foundation managed to create an album that is fleshy and organic "It's Alive!" STONE SOUL FOUNDATION is very encouraged by the quality and magnitude of their new album. The band feels they couldn't have done it without recruiting two people in particular. Alex Perialas and Jason "Jocko" Randall have been absolutely committed to this project in all of their efforts. Their engineering and production expertise were applied to making this record without any reservation. Jocko is a young budding talent whose More Sound Studio is located in Syracuse NY. Alex Perialas is a seasoned veteran of the recording industry. Perialas has engineered and produced recording artists such as Bad Religion, Anthrax, and S.O.D to name a few. The bulk of "Electric Valley" was forged at Alex's Pyramid sound studio in Ithaca NY. Incidentally, the band sent their record to be mastered at Georgetown Masters a historic multi-million dollar facility on Nashville's music row.

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Artist: Stone Soul Foundation
Title: Electric Valley
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 1/1/2011
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 50144306
UPC: 884501443067
Item #: 146773X
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