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How to Sing Harmony the Natural Way: 2-CD Set

How to Sing Harmony the Natural Way: 2-CD Set


~ Keith Little

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Product Notes

'The CD is great. I've wanted to learn to sing harmony for years and now I can. Thank you!' -J.R. 'My wife and I just purchased your course... we love it!' -R.L. 'I sang along with the CD in the car. It helped me more than anything that I tried and now I am excited to hear that you are taking it to the next level.' -K.A. We love to sing harmony and we want to share the joy of harmony singing with you! On our 2-Disk CD set, How to Sing Harmony the Natural Way, you'll learn to sing harmony by ear, the fast, fun, easy way. Great for Americana, folk, pop, country, worship, and bluegrass harmony. (If you're already a harmony singer and want to take it to the next level, check out our Level Two Course, 'Switch On Your Harmony Autopilot,' also available from CD Baby.) In this course, How to Sing Harmony the Natural Way, you'll learn how to: • Know intuitively what notes to sing. • Figure out harmonies to hundreds of songs by ear. • Get started singing harmony even if you're a complete beginner. • Find harmony notes both above and below the melody. This is a course for real people: • No note reading. • No memorizing numbers or scales. • No bogging down in music theory. You'll learn by singing along with our step-by-step guided exercises and songs. With our method, you'll learn by doing, so it's very important that you sing along with us when we ask you to. We recommend listening someplace where you can sing out loud. For every skill we teach, there is a place on the recording for you to sing your part along with us. And after you sing it, you'll hear the part sung correctly, so you can check and see how well you're doing. If you're new to harmony singing, start right at the beginning of Disk One. You'll learn the essential skills that will get you going. If you've already got some harmony singing experience, you can skip ahead on Disk One and start finding harmony notes by ear, and learning how to figure out harmony above a melody, which is also known as the Bluegrass Tenor part. If you're already good at figuring out the harmony part above a melody, go to Disk Two, where you'll learn how to figure out the basics of harmony below the melody, also known as the Bluegrass Baritone. On both disks, you'll sing harmony with us on several practice songs. On these songs, your part is panned to one side, so by adjusting the balance between the two stereo channels, you can have as much (or as little) help from us as you want. Lesson Plan in Brief Disk 1: First Steps-Harmony ABOVE the Melody Lesson One: Quick-Start Harmony Skills for Beginners Lesson Two: How to Hear and Sing High Harmony Notes Lesson Three: Using Your Ear to Figure Out High Harmony to a Song Lesson Four: Songs for Practicing Your High Harmony Disk 2: Next Steps-Harmony BELOW the Melody Lesson One: Quick-Start Skills For Low Harmony Singing Lesson Two: How To Hear and Sing Low Harmony Notes Lesson Three: Using Your Ear to Figure Out Low Harmony to a Song Lesson Four: Songs for Practicing Your Low Harmony Your Harmony Teachers Sue Thompson "A compassionate and skilled teacher and an inspirational musician." Sue Thompson is a noted bluegrass and roots-Americana vocalist, and teacher, whose 'Sing Harmony Now' method for teaching people how to sing harmony by ear has won praise on three continents. Sue frequently teaches at festivals and workshops in Europe and North America, and has also taught in Japan. "Singing harmony by ear, on-the-fly, is one of the greatest joys of making music," she says. "It's rewarding to see my students sharing that joy." In addition to being a powerful and soulful singer, Sue is one of a small number of accomplished women flatpickers. Her recordings include the late Mike Seeger's GRAMMY-nominated Third Annual Farewell Reunion and the Western Music extravaganza Tall Boots, where her fellow musicians nicknamed her "Harmony Part Wizard." She has released two harmony singing instruction CDs, How to Sing Harmony the Natural Way, and Switch on Your Harmony Autopilot. Sue currently performs with Field and Thompson, a bi-continental band that specializes in rare gems of bluegrass, country and Americana music. Keith Little is a nationally acclaimed bluegrass singer, composer and multi-instrumentalist. He's considered one of the finest harmony singers in the country. He toured with Ricky Skaggs and Dolly Parton, and performed on two of Parton's GRAMMY award winning albums. His songs have been recorded by Claire Lynch, Tim O'Brien, Crystal Gayle, and the Whites. Keith is a dedicated teacher who has taught at the Puget Sound Guitar Workshop, British Columbia Bluegrass Workshop and the Sore Fingers School in England. He also teaches and coaches privately in California. Don Share has been a highly regarded singer and guitarist in the Northwest music scene for over two decades, and is especially recognized as a harmony vocalist. He was a founding member of the Who's Driving? and Rainy Pass bluegrass bands, and currently performs with the Seattle-based Downtown Mountain Boys. Don has performed and taught harmony singing at the British Columbia Bluegrass Workshop and dozens of festivals. HIs lead and harmony vocals can be heard on the Downtown Mountain Boys' albums, Big Darlin and Heartland.

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Artist: Keith Little
Title: How to Sing Harmony the Natural Way: 2-CD Set
Genre: Country
Release Date: 2/20/2009
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 00840
UPC: 884502008401
Item #: SRD200840


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