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~ Tanga

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The idea was inspired over espressos on a rainy Vancouver spring morning in 2011 - bring together a dynamic world musical collective with artists from Vancouver and Cuba, in a vibrant and organic approach to music-making. At the epicentre would be that definitive Cuban sound, pushed forward by a modern groove laid down by local northern talent. And we knew this approach would mean going straight to the source: Havana. We jumped in. Initial work was started, preliminary layers, demos and raw beats were recorded through an intense collaborative process between Malcolm Aiken (producer/bandleader/composer) and Christopher Denis (composer/sound engineer). Chris was formative in the development of the core rhythm and feel of the album, and with significant time and experience living and studying in Cuba, had established a network of friends and musicians alike, many whom contributed to this album. THE HAVANA SESSIONS On the ground, recording was done in two stages over the course of 17 days. The crew rented a single room apartment in the neighbourhood of Vedado in west Havana, which operated as home base. Using our field recording setup and creative use with what we had at hand, the bedroom was promptly converted into an improvised recording studio - microphones mounted to the broomsticks and fans, bedding and mattresses doubled as sounds baffling over thin single paned windows to keep out the sound of the busy streets. Fuelled by strong black coffee, good rum and the frenetic energy of the Cuban musicians, the crew recorded basslines, vocals, tres and marimbula. Second stage was a series of recordings at the studios of Septeto Nacional Studios de Ignacio Pineiro in Central Havana. Here, layers of congas, bongos, guiro and chekere were recorded over several sessions in a dimly lit recording room soundproofed entirely by egg cartons, manned by our steely-eyed audio engineer known as "el Chino". THE VANCOUVER SESSIONS Returning to Vancouver, further layers were created. Over a course of months, additional vocals, basslines, drums, programmed beats, saxes and brass were recorded in several sessions at The Warehouse Studios and Demitone Studios. Along the way, New York salsa star Jimmy Bosch joined Malcolm in the studio and appears as a special guest on the single Dejala and official music video. Working with producer and guitarist Adam Popowitz, the album was refined, mixed and mastered in Vancouver over the spring of 2013. Adam was a significant contributor in the final stages of the development, feel and expressiveness of the album. ----- BEHIND THE HAVANAELECTRO SOUND The Cuban musicians involved in the recording were friends of the TrebleFive crew as well as studio musicians met along the way. Our marimbula player Oscar Aleixi Rojas for instance, was discovered after hearing him play one evening at a local street café. His trance-like rhythms played on this bass toned boxed instrument resonate on our changui-style track Guantanamo. Singer and tres player Francisco 'Paquito' Tunon was a key part in many sessions, his voice only matched by his vibrancy and keen interest in the fusion of such different sounds, a bold new approach to "mi musica" as he would say. A multi-instrumentalist and a working street musician all his life, his tres and spirited vocals feature alongside the brassy licks of Jimmy Bosch and Malcolm Aiken on the album's opening track Dejala. The urban hip hop sound remains largely an underground phenomenon in Havana. The crew was keen to explore this facet of street culture and feature it alongside some of our west coast talent. On the track Dancehall Mambo we introduce young Cuban MCs Damy Flow and el Chulo, whose lyrical flow and street swagger are matched by the gritty verses of Canadian spoken word artist C.R. Avery. One of the central contributors to the development of the project's Cuban contingent is 80 year-old Cuban congero Francisco 'Panchito' Moret, resident of the Los Sitios district in Central Havana and percussionist with the Cuban sextet Tanta de Los Guaracheros. Panchito took a fatherly role in the project, and along with his son Freddy graciously introduced our crew to other members of the Havana music community, while sharing his deep knowledge of Afro-Cuban rhythms from over 60 years of playing music across the island. As congeros, Panchito and Freddy are featured on tracks Vedado Blues, Dejala and La Vida. Vancouver has some considerable talent bubbling beneath it's grey skies. Check out local rapper Kyprios and Grammy Award-winning Cuban vocalist / percussionist Israel 'Toto' Berriel collaborate in the afrocuban-spoken word hip hop track Toto's Tumbao, while the breathy murmors of acclaimed singer Silvana Kane (Pacifika) are matched to a rhythmic hook and ethereal trumpets in the dubby groove track Mirala. David Lopez, frontman for Vancouver latin group Mazacote, teams up with Kyprios, Toto, Silvana and Malcolm for their summer-feel reggae beat rendition of Che Che Cole.

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Artist: Tanga
Title: Havanaelectro
Genre: International
Release Date: 10/9/2013
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5638275938
UPC: 888174724775
Item #: 1172472X
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