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Free Fall

Free Fall


~ Joe Heinemann

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"Speak a new language so that the world will be a new world." Rumi 'Free Fall' is a heartfelt musical meeting of old friends. Joe and Tarik are like brothers from vastly different musical and cultural backgrounds. They have a lasting and profound mutual respect and admiration for one another. Tarik and Joe came together on this, their very first recording to create something fresh and new for the heart and ears. The music flowed very naturally coming from their hearts to yours. 'There are artists who refine their works day to day, deepening and sharpening their art to make it brilliant. We are grateful for this! However, Tarik belongs to the type of artist who does not only refine his works, but his very own soul. In Tarik we have a complete artist and we can observe this honed quality not only in a few of his works, but in everything he approaches. I coincided with Tarik making music in Spain a few decades ago. Since that time, and in spite of the distances I continue to follow his work. 'Free Fall' is a magnificent sample of what I am referring to and there should be just one slogan... Enjoy it!' -Jorge Pardo Flute & Saxophone with Paco de Lucia Sextet, Chick Corea. Winner of the Prize: 'Best European Jazz Musician 2013' French Jazz Academy 'Exceptional! That's really the only word that can describe the playing and composing of Joe Heinemann. Performing with an ease and comfort that brings even the most critical listener into his world, Joe ranks among the world's best pianists. He possesses an intuitive nature about where the music should go and how it should flow. From the most difficult passages to chords that are seemingly impossible to attempt, Joe does it all with a profound spiritual depth. The level of creativity is brilliant! It is the kind of engagement that begs you to reevaluate the nature of sound, rhythm and the context of music. Freedom -- a kind of calibrated balance of deconstruction and estrangement. One listen is all it should take to become a fan of this great musician! -Calvin Walker. Oregon Music Hall of Fame Inductee, KMHD 89.1 FM - Voted the nation's best jazz station (2012) 1. Kasida 5:51 Composed by Tarik Banzi. Tarik Banzi: Oud, Bass & Percussion Joe Heinemann: Piano 2. Arietta 3:44 Composed by Tarik Banzi & Joe Heinemann Tarik Banzi: Oud, Bass & Percussion. Joe Heinemann: Piano & Keyboard 3. Nur 8:36 Composed by Tarik Banzi. Tarik Banzi: Oud 4. Free Fall 6:12 Composed by Tarik Banzi & Joe Heinemann. Tarik Banzi: Oud Joe Heinemann: Piano 5. Tarragona 2:46 Composed by Joe Heinemann. Joe Heinemann: Piano 6. Reflections 4:56 Composed by Tarik Banzi. Tarik Banzi: Oud, Guitar, Bass and percussion Joe Heinemann: Piano 7. Backland 4:42 Composed by Joe Heinemann. Joe Heinemann: Piano, voice Tarik Banzi: Oud, Percussion 8. 2T 3:10 Composed by Joe Heinemann. Joe Heinemann: Piano 9. Traveler 3:24 Composed by Tarik Banzi. Tarik Banzi: Oud, Bass, Banjo, percussion Joe Heinemann: Piano.

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Artist: Joe Heinemann
Title: Free Fall
Genre: Jazz
Release Date: 6/12/2013
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5638139817
UPC: 616713191982
Item #: 760807X
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