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~ Tasha Miller

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Product Notes

The music began in a dusk of 1994 when this obsessive compulsive virgin from buffalo county had the inkling of getting frisky with a fast rower inside the rusty hull of a 1979 striped orange California-plated international scout. Their love rolled to the rhythm of tiny wipers whisking away loud pebbles of rain. ^#^she was wild with a voice and strong parts...and he, the oxen-blooded boob guy with incomparable hand-eye coordination. Those two rolled in it for seven some years. ^#^day and night; night and day. Then set up shop, made babies on a cozy little terrace just off the willamette river...and had a few balls. LOVE only got bigger for the millers. Their world was huge. ^#^came another September 11th eleven years later...falling leaves effortlessly reminded the happy people that everything must change. The family had just sat down to eat when a criminal (dressed in black crap) waltzed straight through their front door and hissed his own name: 'CANCER.' He pointed at each child, the mother, then father...and with cracked rotten teeth dangling from his blackened gums, laughed loudly at them all. ^#^holy shit. This is what I get leaving the front door open? a bloody prick with big intentions instantaneously owned our home. ^#^my husband scott, usually a fast-thinking fighter with instincts of a king beast, fell into his chair and couldn't get up. The kids and i stood as close to each other as possible, not sure how to NOT piss off the intruder. i held their bodies close to mine. There was no obvious escape route...but it wouldn't have mattered. ^#^we couldn't move. ^#^cancer tied scott to his chair, then proceeded to rearrange our heads. ^#^at one point i called denny, my neighbor, when I was really desperate and scared of what the beast would do next. ^#^denny raced to our house. ^#^but there was a barrier between us. i choked, hyperventilated and things spewed out of my nose for the 3 minutes that I stood standing horrified behind the gate, longing for his help. ^#^cancer called for me from the kitchen nook. (OUR nook!) i whispered goodbye to denny. i knew he wanted to help and needed to help. ^#^but there was nothing he could do except pass me a lasagna through the iron bars. i took the pan and said thank you. i checked on scott getting thin in his chair. ^#^he was fighting...i could tell. ^#^his focus looked the same as when he used to pull 2000m erg pieces in the impossible sub six minutes. That was the man i fell in love with: the ox. ^#^just looking at scott's face...I could tell. Then i ran upstairs. The kids were not at school...instead screaming in their rooms, hitting walls and throwing their favorite toys at each other. ^#^all the while, master of hell sprawled at our table...eating our food, stuffing his pockets with OUR hard-earned money and keeping the barrel of a gun pointed at my heart. ^#^he seemed to not mind so much (even laid the gun down) when I seemed busy. ^#^so...I wrote my head, at the table (across from him), using the piano (quietly), via email..on alphabetically organized key pads. This trilogy of albums was my vehicle to safety. ^#^even though he left our home months ago, I still see cancer's muzzle pointing at my face, pointing at my husband and children and my friends' faces...between curtains, through a window, in a reflection, or even at a party. ^#^broad daylight or pitch dark...he haunts me when he needs the hit. ^#^like any WANTED mother f*cking rapist, cancer left me wondering if somehow we deserved it. i wondered if the shame i felt was valid. i bought a vitamix blender and signed up for a membership at the local food co-op. ^#^maybe that was the right thing to do. ^#^it took one year, a legion of battling angels, several sweating surgeons, oncologists, dentists, acupuncturists, herbalists and law enforcement to finally slam the door on this putrid, irritant, blood-sucking stage 4A devil. There was a record-breaking flash flood in all of Portland, Oregon. ^#^it was the fifth of September, scott's 39th birthday. ^#^cancer finally washed away. ^#^down the drain. ^#^gone with the shit. ^#^denny and the angels were there to witness. ^#^we stood together in the rain, hundreds of us...hugging, singing, drinking, eating...and laughing our asses off. ^#^sweet billy said 'life is like a garden. ^#^dig it.' he cried, holding his little brother and sister tight. ^#^across the party, he saw mama flow in her fancy white dress and dado smile once again. The party shone loud, bucket drumming love and happiness. ^#^over the course of a 3-disc collection, these songs are a cathartic maneuver about LOVE, a real force to reckon with. ^#^for without it, we wouldn't be here. FOR A DIGITAL DOWNLOAD PURCHASE OF THIS TRILOGY, YOU MUST DOWNLOAD EACH INDIVIDUAL ALBUM: 1. THE BOOB GUY 2. NEEDS 3. WILDERNESS (in a 10lb gown). Regarding the $40 physical box set, it's a real tres chic treat! THE PERFECT GIFT! Portlandishly and Oreganically yours, FIRSTCOMESLOVE cover/sleeve has been crafted with charm and recycled fibers in the Stumptown Printers press room...using ONLY 100% PCW (post-consumer waste) recycled 18pt. ^#^chipboard from the Pacific Northwest. Tasha has wrapped a red fabric bow around it with her very own hands (and heart)...just for you and yours. ALBUM 1: THE BOOB GUY 1. NOTHIN' BUT GOOD* 2. BOOB GUY* 3. FLY WITH ME 4. ONE AND ONLY 5. UNDER THE KNIFE (a cathartic waltz)* 6. LET IT BE ME 7. EVERYTHING MUST CHANGE 8. WELCOME TO THE F.C.* 9. DO WHAT YOU GOTTA DO 10. DON'T GO* ALBUM 2: NEEDS 1. DIDN'T ANYBODY TELL YOU THAT YOU'RE WONDERFUL* 2. MAGIC IN LOVE* 3. THAT'S ALL I WANT FOR YOU* 4. TALLER THAN ME* 5. BLUE CARPET* 6. MAKE YOU FEEL MY LOVE 7. IF I SHOULD FALL BEHIND 8. OVER THE RAINBOW 9. THIS LAND IS YOUR LAND 10. AULD LANG SYNE ALBUM 3: WILDERNESS (in a 10lb gown). 1. DIG IT* 2. Y'RE GRUMPY* 3. GO JOE* 4. SWAY 5. TUNING THE POSITIVE* 6. ACCENTUATE THE POSITIVE 7. LITTLE BOXES (LIVE) 8. IF YOU WERE TO WAKE UP (LIVE) 9. ODE TO BILLY JOE 10. ALL MY LOVING 11. I THINK IT'S GONNA RAIN TODAY 12. TALLER THAN ME (the duet)* *= Tasha Miller ALL-ORIGINAL! Tasha Miller= EXECUTIVE PRODUCER, SONG WRITER (15 tracks), LEAD VOCAL, ART DIRECTOR, KIDS CHOIR ARRANGEMENTS/CONDUCTOR, BACKGROUND SINGER, BIG BOSSY BOHEMIAN DEAN BASKERVILLE= BEST EAR IN THE ROOM, KEY & DRUM PROGRAMMER, 'HEAD TO THE BOARD' EXECUTIVE SOUND ENGINEER (30 STUDIO RECORDINGS, ALL MIXES AND MASTERS) DAN BALMER= MUSICAL ADVISOR, CROSS-GENRE GUITARS (21 TRACKS) RECORDING LOCATIONS= CROSSROADS PRODUCTIONS, DEAD AUNT THELMA'S, THE FRINGE FACTORY (DEAN'S BASEMENT), CLAY'S PAST & PRESENT LIVING ROOMS, JIMMY MAK'S JAZZ CLUB (TRAVIS CIBOLSKY=LIVE RECORDING ENGINEER) ANDREW NAGATORI= BEST OF MULTIPLE ASSISTANT SOUND ENGINEERS ERICKA WARREN "E-RISE 823"& LEISA HART "LELE 281"= BADASS BACKGROUND VOCALISTS CLAY GIBERSON= PIANO, B-3 ORGAN, MELODICA, WURLY, SYNTHESIZED STRINGS (BLUE CARPET), STRING QUARTET ARRANGEMENTS/CONDUCTOR, RECORDING ENGINEER (3 TRACKS) GLEN HOLSTROM= HORN SECTION ARRANGEMENTS/CONDUCTOR STRING QUARTET FROM OREGON SYMPHONY= RON BLESSINGER, DANIEL FENG (VIOLINS), JENNIFER ARNOLD (VIOLA), TREVOR FITZPATRICK (CELLO) HORN SECTION= RENATO CARANTO (TENOR SAX), PAUL MAZZIO (TRUMPET), JOHN MOAK (TROMBONE) SESSION MUSICIANS= DAN BALMER (gobs of GUITARS), SAM HOWARD (BASS), DAVE CAPTEIN (BASS), RUSSELL KLEINER (DRUMS), TODD STRAIT (DRUMS), TONY FURTADO (ACOUSTIC SLIDE GUITAR & BANJO), PAUL BRAINARD (PEDAL STEEL), LUKE PRICE (FIDDLE), VINCE O'MALLEY ('BLUE CARPET' GUITAR), "FUNKPLASTIC "/TODD IRVING (5-GAL BUCKETS), JORDAN STAPLES (DUMBECK), ANDREW OLIVER ('LIVE' PIANO), KEVIN DEITZ ('LIVE' BASS), WENDY GOODWIN ('LIVE' VIOLIN). 'BIG MAMA'S A CAPP CHOIR'= BILLY MILLER, FRENCHIE MILLER, WALTER MILLER, JOEY ABRAMS, HARRY COBBAN, JESSIE COBBAN, ANNA LOY, MAGGIE O'MALLEY SEAN MCFADDEN= INDIVIDUAL ALBUM COVER PHOTOGRAPHY (medium format film) SHERRI DITEMAN= FIRSTCOMESLOVE COVER PHOTOGRAPHY GIA.B.DESIGN= GRAPHICS (and killer website)

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Artist: Tasha Miller
Title: Firstcomeslove
Genre: Urban
Release Date: 12/10/2013
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5638222142
UPC: 888295017756
Item #: 1009733X
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