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When Two People Come Together

When Two People Come Together


~ Thaddeus Carlton

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Product Notes

People, fans, friends and relatives frequently ask me where I get my inspiration from...I am inspired by LIFE. Recently, one of the most heart-felt events of my life occured, The Great Tsunami of 2004. As you know, the people in and around Indonesia were devastated by the massive loss of shelter, food and lives. I wrote the song 'God Is Watching Us' to let them know that we, in America and throughout the world were hurt as well. Send your donations to: American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund P.O.Box 37243 Washington, D.C. 20013 Oh yeah, back to what inspires me...The reason that my songs cover so many different subjects is that LIFE has many different facets. Back when I wrote songs for 'the system'(the structured music industry), I had to write what 'they' (music executives) wanted me to write...Now, as an independent, I can write anything I want and as long as you (the public) enjoys it...everything is cool!!! I keep writing this way because your letters and emails to me (and CD sales) indicate that you appreciate what I am doing. 'Everyday People' and 'Mind Your Business' are two songs inspired by my friend, Michael Jackson's legal problems. I will continue to support his innocence as he and his family would never harm children. 'You Call Him Allah' is about the struggle between Christians and Muslims...I contend that there is only one God,...He is known by many different names. 'Desperate Housewives' is a blow-by-blow account of what has happened on the extremely popular ABC hit television show...The theme song is performed in a rap storytelling style. This album's title track, 'When Two People Come Together' is a very romantic ballad suitable to be played at weddings and anniversary parties...'Hit Song' and 'You Had Me At Hello' are love songs too. As many of you have noticed, least one tune on every one of my CDs reflects my experience of being raised in the ghetto. On this album, that song is 'The Rules Of The Ghetto'. I'm sure there are many of you from many third-world countries around the world who wonder 'What this guy talking about...Ghetto life in the U.S.A. is not as tough as my life in Lebanon or China or Indonesia or Iraq or South Africa or...' Sure, I know this, but to many people who reside in America who enjoyed many more conveniences than I did as a child, my experiences were severe. My mother, Nina Carlton, did an incredible job feeding, clothing and housing three boys, yet we were still affected by the factors that swarmed outside our front door. Our mother created a utopia inside our domicile but we had to go outside sometime. The song 'Bump, Bump' gives one the feeling that comes when you don't have a worry or care. 'Lingerie' depicts the sensation when sexy attire is worn in an intimate situation. Truly, there are people who have experienced more pain than we have undertaken here in 'The Land Of Plenty', the U.S.A.. Our 'poor people' would be considered rich in many countries of the world, we are certainly blessed to live here...Sometimes it doesn't appear that we feel fortunate because there are some serious civil rights issues to contend with and equality amongst our citizens is at least decades from happening. In our position as minorities in this nation where pets (animals) receive better treatment than our homeless, PERSPECTIVE is the key word to describe the severity of one's journey. No one wants to be treated with less respect than any other human being...especially when the treatment is occuring simultaneously at a store, a restaurant or at one's place of employment. This is why we are so obsessed with 'spreading democracy'in this country. We want the whole world to know the luxury of 'freedom'...Sure, it is somewhat hypocritical when our government desires to establish democracy in other countries when they haven't fully completed the process at home but their intention is good. It is wonderful how the world has joined together to help the Tsunami survivors...'God Is Watching Us'!

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Artist: Thaddeus Carlton
Title: When Two People Come Together
Genre: Easy Listening
Release Date: 2/15/2005
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5637241620
UPC: 634479088667
Item #: SRD908866
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