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~ Timzo

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Product Notes

A Few Online Reviews.. 'Exactly what my ears needed to hear: Fresh, Relevant, and Heavy in my music rotation!' ~JBlue 'I'm not one to blame all of society's ills on movies and music, but i can't help but wonder if we wouldn't be a bit better off if rappers like Timzo were given a bit of radio time. Positive, introspective, Respectful to Women and firmly grounded in the real world, this is not the music you tend to think of when you think of rap. But, iT IS Rap, and Timzo is a very clever and capable Rapper. He proves that conscious does not automatically equal corny as his productions are as cool as they come. If you love rap but have had to turn away from it in recent years, you need to know that this is out there. Take a listen.' ~DCross 'This is REAL talk combined with an eclectic groove that spans jazz, Hip Hop, R&B, and even an essence of Pop depending on which track you're listening to. It's refreshing to hear inspiring lyrics intermingled with social commentary (even if some of it's controversial)--especially in this day and age. So, if you're not a rap lover, but appreciate good messages and good music with great beats (the vocals and other musicians are on point as well), then i recommend you also give it a try!! ~webkinslover123 'Are there 7 stars? because I need another star to rate this album! Absolutely refreshing! It feels good to hear originality in music...finally. I would definitely recommend this album to any and everyone!' ~holyghostfire7703 'This CD is awesome!!! It's so wonderful for my 7 year old son to be able to listen to a rap/r&b CD and get positive results! Keep up the good work. Continue to spread God's word and Love. Be Blessed!' ~SammyJoeLove 'The Album is so refreshing! The World needs to hear this project. Real talk!!' ~John254 '...What you'll also hear on this album are all of the signature elements that set Timzo apart from any other Christian/Gospel rap artist. Things like real instruments. Real people singing. Flutes. Guitars. Grand pianos. Some of the best musical production and arranging you're going to find on a Gospel rap album. And one very talented brother whose lyrical style and flow is so good that it often surprises people- that is, after they get over the fact that they actually understood everything he said. Whatever your personal opinion is of Christian Rap, it does have an audience. It does have a place. And on those rare occasions when it's done well, it is a powerful medium to expose and draw people to the message of Christ. With the right push in the right direction- that being away from conformity, mediocrity and lack-luster talent- I believe the genre can be one of the most powerful witness tools available to reach our youth today. So even if you're not crazy about the genre yourself, this young man's music is something I recommend you give a listen to.' ~Ron Cross, Vocal Coach.

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Artist: Timzo
Title: Klow-Zhur
Genre: Rap/Hip Hop
Release Date: 12/21/2012
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5638160208
UPC: 845350077889
Item #: 878905X
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