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How Ya Like Me Now? [Explicit Content]

How Ya Like Me Now? [Explicit Content]


~ Troublesome

(Parental Advisory Explicit Lyrics)
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Product Notes

Troublesome is the Family name, Wicked is the man behind the music and the rap. He comes from the streets of Rialto, California (Inland Empire). He came to Houston about 10 years ago and so he proudly represents both cities. Over these last 3 years, Troublesome has performed shows all around Texas - San Antone, Corpus Christi, and of course Houstone. His former record company, 6Tone never capitalized on their option, thus, bringing the contract to an end in September of 2000. Wicked remained loyal to the label believing his contract was still good. 2 1/2 years passed before Wicked checked into it with an attorney. Once he learned the contract was no longer binding, Wicked signed on with AVS Productions. After a few months of re-recording a few tracks, recording some new songs, and remixing and remastering, his debut full length CD, 'How Ya Like Me Now?' will be available in stores March 11th!!!!!! Wicked has a unique style you just can't turn off. Through his music, he speaks about places he's seen and experienced. You will feel like you've heard him before and you have - it's your soul speaking to you. His CD has all the things you'd like from a rap album but don't always get. There are the thug songs as well as the love songs and words which speak about it all - love hate life and death. Troublesome has performed at many car shows and special events around Texas. Troublesome has opened up for some famous artists like Brissa, Chingo Bling, Big Mo, Lil' Flip, Chuly, Lil' O, Barrio Boyzz, South Park Mexican, Rasheed, and Lifestyle. The album is entitled, 'How Ya Like Me Now?' 'How Ya Like Me Now?' the song, has a few interpretations, but only one meaning. It relates to how many people didn't want to see Wicked succeed, but he has never stayed down for the count in this ring. His family, friends, and new label, AVS Productions, have all shown him their confidence in his music as his CD is in preparation for the March 11th release. Wick raps about the streets just as he does about love, but does not promote violence to kids. It's time music is viewed as movies are viewed - just as great books are viewed - as reflections of the soul, not a calling for a riot. When you hear his words, you will hear where he has come from and get a new respect for what you don't see on a daily basis for the most part. Wicked brings the streets into your living room but not for hype, he's just doing what he does best, and that's reaching people on a different level.

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Artist: Troublesome
Title: How Ya Like Me Now? [Explicit Content]
Genre: Rap/Hip Hop
Attributes: Parental Advisory Explicit Lyrics
Release Date: 3/25/2003
Label: Avs Productions
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 1001
UPC: 656890100124
Item #: 923070X
This product is a special order